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RA and the Menopause!!

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Hi everyone, had a visit to my GP on Wednesday and he seems to think I am going through the change!! I have spoken to my sister about it as she's 55 and recently gone through it herself. But as we know everyone is different, don't know about my mom as we haven't spoken for 5 years.I did have another sister too who was 52 but she passed away just a few months ago.

So,as I have some new girly friends on here I'd like to know your views, if it's not to personal.

I have also found a lump under my arm, my GP gave me a weeks course of antibiotics(last week) thinking it may have been some sort of infection It hasn't gone away. So he said he would have to refer me to the breast clinic. Have now received a letter and have to go for a mammogram next week and see a consultant.

For some reason I'm not really worried about the lump, nothing I can do so will just hope for the best next week.

As I say just wanted your thoughts on the menopause and could the lump be connected in any way?

Thank you

mand xx

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hmm mand dont mess with lumps plsd you are seeing consultant.. how doee it feel, firm hard, soft or squidgy??, cold be a cyst? cld be a swollen gland or it cld b the other thing>>, best get it checked asap , thinking of you xx

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Thanks Alison. just feels a hard pea size lump. I'm just thinking perhaps its a cyst or something like that. Will let you Know when I go on Wednesday.

mand xx

mandy best to get expert opinion,, it could well and def hopefully non malignant, google breast lumps... then look at breast.com(about . com) it all depends whether it is round or irregular.. or whether it moves,, best to leave it to the consultant.. my mum had one.. did a needle biopsy there and then and hers was fine.. its a very specialifield keep us posted. no two lumps are same by defintion., it is treatable if it is the worst news... it is now curable unlike ra....

Hi Mand

keep posting about your appointment Hope all goes well


Glad to hear your GP is on the ball, and getting you checked out.

keep us posted

take care

Sue x

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Hi Mandy, I'm going through early menopause ... and it's taking a bloomin' long time. By the time it finishes it will probably be normal age menopause! I started with hot flushes at 39 and they're still going strong at 43. Whether it's connected to RA I have no idea though - no one's suggested it is.

I would certainly agree ANY lump should be checked out, but on the bright side I've had three of cysts under my arms related to being immunosuppressed, one of which got revoltingly infected (hope no one's eating breakfast while reading this ...) and took a LOT of antibiotics to get rid of, but that's all they were ... cysts. I hope yours turns out to be the same - it probably will - but far best to play it safe!!

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Thank you I'm hoping it's just a cyst too, but like you say best to get it checked out.

mand xx

glad penguin... bought up the immuno seppressed lumps idea.. like in my personal mail to you .. alison x

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Hi Alison, yes it may well be, I'll keep you posted.


mand xx

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Hi Mand, am too going through the menopause at 43 due to a hysterectomy 2 years ago, am on HRT. I too had a lump last Oct which turned out to be a cyst, i hope yours is too !

Hope all goes well Karen x

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Hi Mandy, u shud ask ur g p to run blood tests and they will show if you r perimenopausal or at what stage you are at. I am 49 and finished my menopause so everyone is different. I had the most awful towel around the neck night sweats but that my worst symtom! I also had a hysterectomy at 39 so probably caused early onset. The breast lump should be taken seriously glad u r being referred! Good luck.

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