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fed up this week:(

not had a good week , fed up of looking a the 4 walls, at home, wot to do stuff but cant, wish i could have my life back, as people look at me and think i am ok, as try and get on with ever day things, can go back to , still i get ra, sored, out as had bad side affects from to of the tablets, ,, , got a letter from the Employment and support allowance, going to give be, £71,week, GREAT, SO CAN PAY BILLS, and not EAT, all they say if decision you think is wrong,. oh yet more forms to appeal,, so life is , filling in forms, , and going to appointment. so fill like giving up, on it all, so that's me moan,!!!

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ha ha!!! , submit comment , and just see i put good , lol should have been god, stressed, has got to me, can spell,


Poor you - I hope things improve soon Missmopp - don't worry about spelling stress makes everyone's go to pot I suspect! Tilda x



I can echo some of your thoughts, just had a weeks annual leave, should have been away but had recent diagnoise of GCA and was not up to helping with 11 Guides on camp!! Have spent the week at home, and not felt up to doing much at all - feel guilty when hubby gets home from work and barely done a thing. Unless you experience the fatigue and other feelings, aches etc that go with these diseases it must be so hard for people to understand when you don't actually look 'ill'...

I intend to do bits this morning before he gets home from work, and am MAKING myself go to friends this afternoon for a bbq (really not in the mood though), but feel I have to make the effort - otherwise I get told it's not helping just being at home!!!...

Am going back to work on Tues - need routine and normality, not sure about the stress that goes with my job, but need focus.. But then hubby says - "should you be going".... oh heck..

Happy Sunday - least the sun is out, smile :)

Hazel x


thank you,:) just going to have a nice bath, am ment to be going to a bbq, as well, it all right finding the outfit to wear, it shoes that i cat wear to go with it, as me ruddy feet hurt all the stop. yes it as catch , 22, always, think are take me slipper,ha ha. thank you all , have a nice day, will smile now. jo.xx


Jo the people whose bbq your going to won't care what your wearing or whether you have you you.r slippers on or not. They will just be pleased to see you. sylvi.xx


thank you sylvi, hope you are well, i did go to the bbq, had i nice relaxing day , it was nice to get out ,:)x


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