Fed up

Hi all feeling so fed up my ra is starting again like every week its always near the end of the week it flares up this time my left ankle is like a balloon and can't put my heel to the floor so needing my crutches now my left wrist is swelling and on the verge of going stiff,have been on the mtx since last august starting at 7.5 then to 20 alt went sky high so now on 15.

My family are not much help as they don't understand and as you know im going through redeployment at work nhs,in which they are telling so many lies and contradicting themselves its beyond belief,wished i had joined the union now but have an appt monday with cab,

Just wished i could go to a place where i could get away from it all instead i having to cope with all this,sorry to ramble just feeling really down and in pain.


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  • Hello Natalie, the worry is probably adding to the ra as well. Sometimes it does seem too much doesn't it? I am in work but am worried about the funding of the place (charity) I have went for a few interviews and performed poorly that it has distressed me. Every morning its like pulling on the face, harnessing that bit of energy and starting the day, and by 5pm exhausted with little energy left for the family. I will join you in that place where we can have a few weeks off from it all.

  • hi mads,yes i do think it plays a big part in ra,just used to being at work and have been off since last may so a year has gone by near enough and im getting fed up even my mind isnt quick thinking like it was when i was at work as i have got nothing to engage my brain with.

    I think i would need a month on a island with just the sun and the sound of the sea and just lie there and relax 24/7 even when its dark as i could watch the stars and still listen to the sea.


  • Im WITH the NHS AND know what you mean exactly!!!, will pm you x

  • Sent you a pm summer.

  • That really doesn't sound good, so hope you've managed to rest up today and feel a little less painful. But if you've been on MTX for nearly 8 months and it's not doing enough have they talked to you about trying something else? All these drugs are slow, but maybe it's time to look at other options. You've obviously got loads to deal with re work, but have you got a rheumy appointment soon so can talk about next steps? Anyway, lots of sympathy heading your way. polly

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