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Fed up

Hi all feeling quite deflated with the problems i have had this week,monday had to go to the doctors as i had a flare up and my wrist was covered in yellow spots gp said infected spots???? and goughing up a lot of phlem im asthmatic as well so on antibiotics for that,had bloods done while i was there as they were due wednesday had a phone call from rheumy nurse she left a voicemail saying my alt was 119 and to call the number she left to discuss mtx on 20 mg a week,called the number no answer so left a message,no one called me back was so worried called gp who said to stop mtx and have another blood test monday coming.

Did manage to speak to someone from the rheumatology dept and she said to have a blood test done but when i asked her about my mtx she was like errrr well then changed the subject,so still dont know if im doing right to stop the mtx.

Then i had another appt this morning to see gp re for the past 2 months i have had problems with solid foods feel like its getting stuck in my esophagus and wednesday i was sucking a extra strong mint when i coughed and it went down my throat whole and again it got stuck where the food gets stuck so he is sending me to see a specialist for that to have the camera down my throat not looking forward to it but need to know whats wrong as gp seems to think it could be swelling of the esophagus.

Sorry about the long post just been a bad week.x

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Don't worry about the camera down the throat (endoscopy) - the way they do them these days they are a breeze. They will give you some kind of mild sedative probably to start, then they start putting the tube down and the moment it touches your throat they start the injected meds and you are out like a light. Then you come too really easily as if nothing happened, with no sore throat or anything. The tubes they use now are so much more flexible and much smaller so they really don't cause any pain or discomfort and the kind of very light sedating drugs they use don't have the side effects of heavier anaesthetics at all. My first couple were done many years ago and they were awful. The latest I didn't feel at all


I have been told by my GP to stop taking MTX until the blood tests come back, had a scan a couple of weeks ago which was fine, and the rheumatologist nurse said if the scans OK start the meds, which I did, but my GP said we still have to find out why it was high in the first place!!! One step forward and five back. Hope everything goes OK. Xx


Thankyou both for your replys,earthwitch you have made me feel more at ease now thankyou,and elaine you are very right one step forward and ten back steps,how much more can we take?x


My GP said to me at least you've still got your sense of humour, but there are days when the humour has gone. Laugh or cry??? Both sometimes!! Take care and let us know how you get on. Xx


I had an endoscopy and in a a wimp of a patient hate hospitals!! you can have sedation but ididnt and iwas ok if in doubt have the sedation you wont remember a thing


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