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5 hour fever then back to normal, anyone else with this happening?

The fever hit around 11pm last night, I took paracetamol and it never brought temperature down, it wasn't too high at 38 degrees but it felt like my body was on fire. No other symptoms; Fell asleep evenually and woke up feeling fine!

Whats that all about!?

I have just finished antibiotics a few days ago for tonsilitis, I've been off MTX for a few weeks now due to low white cell count but still on Enbrel.

thanks :)

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sometimes when I am overtired my temperature goes haywire and I have to go to bed and sleep. I can either feel like I'm burning up or freezing. I'm no doctor and this might only be me.

regards, sandra.


Maybe the end of your tonsilitis virus? Or just being off MTX the RA is coming back in form of a fever? These drugs and the RA are enough to make any of us paranoid everytime we get any form of pain or illness! Hope you continue to improve now. Tilda x


I often feel like this but temp stayes around 37.8 my body just burns up and I feel rotten, I am going thru the menopause at the moment too. So it is difficult to say what it is. I would get myself checked over because of your recent infection, just incase you have some under lying infection.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

From a hot and sweaty me. Carole


thanks Sandra, Tilda and Carole, I was over tired that day and still did too much when I know I shouldn't have so maybe I should pay attention in future!

I did ask nurse but she just shrugged her shoulders :)

I feel like I have an underlying infection, just simmering quietly somewhere! but thats what these meds do to us I suppose!

noooooo boooooo Tilda, RA is not coming back!!! haha I tell my body that anyhow, see if it'll listen :)



No of course it's not coming back Williby but it doesn't half play havoc with our minds?! I think the secret is to just take each day as it comes on the basis that it's there but only quietly lurking and we must just try our best not to give it any houseroom whatsoever! Tilda x


No, no room for it whatsoever! :)

It's hard to stop analysing everything, it's the constant drop in wcc that bothers me now and paranoid about infections, I suppose after 6 infections this year so far no wonder!

are you still good? xx


Hi Wiliby, does your 'spike' and do you have a salom pink rash? If you do them you must tellyour rhuemy.Spiking is when your temp goes very high for a while then goes back to normal. Hope you feel better soon love Ann xx


Hi Ann, no rash, well I don't think there was thankfully but it does sound like a 'spike', if it continues I'll contact RA nurse.

Silly as I feel totally fine, next morning I was fine and have been since, I should stop complaining :)

Thanks Ann x


Hi Wiliby

Not silly at all. Best to keep an eye on these things. Always a bit of a pain when they're intermitant, as hard to know when to make the rheumatology team aware, but if it keeps happening it is best to tell them, and if it happens at night again and you're worried you can always call NHS Direct!

Hope 'normality' continues and that this was just a blip!


(NRAS Helpline)


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