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Has anyone else had this strange finger pain?

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Bit of a weird one this, so please bear with me. Middle finger, right hand.

About a week ago when I was washing my hands, I thought I felt a paper cut on the side of my finger. Really stung and made me jump but after I'd dried my hands I couldn't find it so sort of forgot about it. But when I washed my hands again there it was, a sudden jolting sting. Dried my hands, poked, squeezed and prodded finger. Still couldn't find the problem. Over the next few days it got worse and started to feel more like a splinter pricking deep in the skin, but I could only feel it when rubbing my fingers together, interlocked if you know what I mean.

No bruising, no redness, no obvious swelling but today I've knocked it a couple of times against the handle of my mug and I nearly passed out with the jolting pain like an electric shock. Gone before I could finish gasping. Freaked the poor dog out no end! But I still can't make it hurt if I'm 'looking' for it. How weird. Anyone?

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I get all sorts of weird pain, I just accept it now! You get the 'cigarette burn', the 'paper cut with lemon juice', the 'open wound' (I've actually looked at my hand in disbelief because it feels just like it has a terrible open wound), the 'beaten with a hammer', the 'stab with a burning knife' and so on and any of these can last a split second or days. Nothing surprises me any more. xxx

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I know what you mean, there are so many sensations and pains associated with this aren't there? My wrists and the backs of my hands sometimes feel like burning hot forks are tearing and shredding the flesh apart. I look at my hands as this is happening but there is nothing to see!

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I'm with you,

Every day is a school day with this malarkey (RA) but nothing comes as a surprise anymore, the fore finger on my left hand wakes me up at about 4am with ridiculous pain, the. Lights touch on the balls of my feet can be so painful even though I managed to walk ( hobble some days) on them even as I type this the knuckle on my left fore finger looks like a jersey royal new potatoe lol yet tomorrow it will possibly be fine, be lost without other peeps who understand this though this forum is fab.

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I am similar to this. I don't get the huge lumps but I get swollen smaller but really sore lumps that dissappear the next day, or last a few days. And really sore tips. Which makes it difficult to type. But Pedz you did make me laugh with your description of your problem. We do at least have to laugh, so we won't cry. And this forum looks good for help and a chat.

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I like the needle-under-the-skin between joints, with random accompaniment of electric shock. It keeps surprising me, the little devil! Not to forget the feet-in-a-vice? Such variety - who'd have thought, eh?

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I too have similar pains in all my fingers. I feel as if some body is cutting my finger with blades or some instruments. I feel that my fingers are beaten with hammer. So painful, and I lose my hope to live. I cannot bear the pain.

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This just started happening to me this morning. It began with my 1st finger right hand..then my ring finger right hand. I just now felt a quick pain in my right wrist,,but then it returned to my ring finger. It feels exactly like my fingers are being sliced with a razor blade. It hurts really bad, and I've let out a yell a couple of times. There is nothing visible. No open areas, no redness, no swelling..just unexplainable sharp pains. OWWWW!!

Since I woke up this morning I keep getting pain in my left index finger that feels just like a razor blade is slicing it open. Vertically in the center of the pad. It keeps happening unexpectedly. I can't make it happen and it doesn't hurt to touch it. The only thing I notice different than the other fingers is when it is hurting, it seems dimpled. The only other time I experienced similar pain is when I had carpal tunnel surgery and they nicked a nerve. My whole hand felt like razors blades slicing it whenever I touched anything. It took 6 months of physio to get rid of that.

I have never been diagnosed with RA. This is the only place that came up when I was googling razor blade fingertip pain.

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Well I'm not sure if I've ever had anything quite like you describe JoJo. But this disease affects the connective tissue and anything is possible I'm learning. I do presently have sharp stinging pain in my hands which has been around for a week or so and I get flashes of startling pain like electric shocks everywhere at the moment - but particularly in the palms of my hands.

A friend of mine was telling me that she has electric fizz too but hers is only in one half centimeter of her lower lip and at the end of the her finger tips. She doesn't have RA or any related condition but has decided that it comes from her position when she rides her bike and the way some of her nerves are being compressed by the way she sits. Bodies are such complicated things - add inflammatory arthritis into the equation and it becomes really crazy! x

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It's maddening isn't it Tilda? I hate it and even more so when the rheumy just shakes his head and announces he can find nothing wrong with me! I'd like to 'refer' my pain to him then he'd know what I was talking about, oh yes indeedy! ;-)

x x

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Next time you must be much firmer with him JoJo. This is how so many sero negative people end up with joint damage - because they aren't believed.

Both of my sons had fractures dismissed as light sprains by doctors because they didn't have any swelling and could do the tests they were asked to with crossing arms. One went for 48 hours before he was sent for an x-ray and with the other I was dismissed 3 times by two different doctors and it was only a month later when his brother pulled his arm hard that he screamed and nearly passed out. He had an x-ray and lo it had been a full fracture across his wrist. The hospital was abject and so was our GP (on behalf of his patronising locum). We were very lucky it set itself naturally but a lesson was learnt by me that my instincts about health related stuff is generally right.

Certainly I've become more assertive on behalf of others, my kids especially - but where it comes to myself its really hard and takes even more courage I feel. I want you to roar at him next time please! X

Oh yes, I have had that pain in my fingers too sometimes. Mine is usually right on the bone, but on the side & it really hurts when it gets bumped. Mine doesn't last over a week or so, usually-so I hope that yours goes away too. I sometimes take an extra prednisone to get me over it & it helps. Good luck Lilac_Lion.


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Yes mine is on the bone to the side too! It's so peculiar, hope it goes soon.

Thanks Christine x

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Hi. I had to open an account to reply to your. I've had the finger pain problem for over 10 years. Only today I was told it could be a glomus tumor. It's totally benign and once removed, the pain completely goes. Please look into it and ask your consultant for a scan for it. Hopefully it will help you.

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Yes I am experienceing similar pain stinging pain index finger started paper cut then a lump on the side very painful Dr. Was clueless

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I know this was 6 years ago, but this exact pain just started yesterday for me. How often does it reoccur for you?


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This is exactly the lain I’ve been having for a couple months now and the doctors have given me zero help on figuring out the cause. I am so thankful that I’m not having phantom pains.

Yes some of these pains sound familiar, one of the worst ones I had before Cimzia was a really sudden shooting pain from my right wrist up my arm....always at night though!! Xx

That sounds like some of the "shocks" I get, though as well as fingers, mine are as likely to be in my lower outer calf, or occasionally in one area of the skin on my abdomen. I always just consider them to be an irritated nerve, though its worth remembering that nerves can be very long things (they all start somewhere in the spinal cord before meandering around your body) so the irritation could be happening anywhere between where you feel it and your spine.

Not a lot you can do about it, though it if did become unbearable, or other areas started joining in, there are meds that dampen down nerve sensations (amitryptylline, gabapentin, etc) but then they have their own side effects. If your shoulder or neck is a bit stiff, try putting a heat pack on there (classic points for nerves to get irritated as they pass through some tiny gaps between bones). I did get given capsaicin cream for that kind of nerve pain once, and although it works well with some people it wasn't a hit with me. You might have to be careful with it if you have active RA in your hands though, so would need to ask a doctor about it.

I have also experienced some weird pains, mostly in my hands. Often over my knuckles resulting in bruising over the joint. I haven't bumped or knocked them just intense pain.


I too get these weird bruises. I get a really sharp pain and when I look a bruise has appeared almost instantaneously. However it is normally gone within 24-48 hours. I can be just sitting with my hands in my lap and it happens. No reason for it at all.

I also have the hard nodules on both my thumbs and index fingers. They were actually there before I was even official diagnosed with RD. So no idea how long I had it I was diagnosed.

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unexplainable bruising, if not a side effect of medication might have something to do with kidney function or clotting factors in your blood. I have always been one that bruises easy and I've always had really dark, thick blood. After having baby number four I noticed pain behind my knee and upper calf that I thought was a pulled muscle. When it became difficult to walk, the skin became red, warm and painful to touch I went into the ER. I had an 18" blood clot running down my leg in the deep vein. Now, 10 years later I am told that I have stage three chronic kidney disease, I had to stop taking some of the medications I was taking and change a lot of my life style. But between the blood issues / thick blood when I was young, the clot found in 2008, and now kidneys I bruise if touched wrong. Make sure your doctor is doing a full lab workup, checking all of your body chemistry levels at least once a year.

Good Luck!

This sounds exactly like what happens to me. I can be sitting down doing nothing then get a real sharp pain in a finger when I look at it a large deep purple bruise has appeared within seconds. This then normally disappears within 24 hours. Very strange !

Hello, Just came here after searching Google for "feels like splinter in thumb" as it's been bothering me for an hour. Reason I'm concerned is my elbow has been bothering me for two weeks, and for a few days it was both elbows, just woke up that way. Already have been diagnosed with arthritis is knees so I wonder of I've gotten it in my elbows.

As for the others who've mentioned pains, I asked my PCP about: sudden chest pain, like an electric shock - only lasts a few milliseconds - and he said nothing to worry about. I also have carpal tunnel from years of twisting electric meter covers on and off, and 35 years of using nut-drivers, screwdrivers and various hand tools. I was prescribed Tramadol years a go for the carpal tunnel, it worked real well. I'm on to stronger meds now as I have a degenerative cervical spine and just realized after Googling "imaginary loud noises" that I seem to have a condition called Parasomnia, it's unreal, but occasionally I wake up after hearing a really loud noise, sometimes like cymbals crashing, other times like a clap of thunder, or like a big boom. But in this case, it truly is 'all in yer head', seems like a bunch of electrical signals all converge at once and just explode, which is why Parasomnia is also called "exploding head syndrome".

Wow I also have the thumb problem, like a splinter. It is driving me crazy. I don't know what to do!

I have also woken up due to what I thought was a loud outside noise. It is so real and I cannot believe no one else heard it. I did not know that this is a thing.

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Chippy, have you been checked for meneures disease? I get those sounds also buzzing, ringing and other sounds. My doctor diagnosed me with meneures disease.

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Holy crap... I started getting this needle stabbing pain in my middle finger on the side and to the bone just yesterday, just happened again not five minutes ago, about half hour before that I was getting stabbing pains under my heart which google suggests it's intercostal myalgia. But in your comment you mentioned waking up to weird noises, it creeped me out as I get that all the time, waking up convinced there was something in my house, then I think its just our cat but when I sit up, she is laying right there at our feet! weird!

I get an intense pain in my upper middle finger that only goes away when i run the finger under very warm...almost hot...water for a long time. I feel like cutting my tip of the right middle finger off because the pain is horrific. This has been going on for over a year now

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Did you ever find out what it was/is?...I get the pain on top of my middle finger and is like an intense stinging pain..sending me nuts..

I have just tried putting my finger in hot water, and it worked..the pain has dramatically subsided..thank you thank you thank you...

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ClareHock in reply to Jyn58

I've had the finger pain problem for over 10 years. Only today I was told it could be a glomus tumor. It's totally benign and once removed, the pain completely goes. Please look into it and ask your consultant for a scan for it. Hopefully it will help you.

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I've had the finger pain problem for over 10 years. Only today I was told it could be a glomus tumor. It's totally benign and once removed, the pain completely goes. Please look into it and ask your consultant for a scan for it. Hopefully it will help you.

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Me too, it hurts so much that sometimes it is unbearable.

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Check with a doctor if you can. If you feel like there is something wrong with your body, then check with a doctor if you can. I'm writing this because I have pain in my finger too.

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I have the finger pain also. I have been to the doctor and she said arthritis and calcium has caused this. She gave me gel and said to take meloxicam(which I have) and 2 Tylenol. It has been 2 weeks now and I'm still waiting for results.

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I am pretty sure that I am the same person who sent: Check with a doctor if you can. If you feel like there is something wrong with your body, then check with a doctor if you can. I'm writing this because I have pain in my finger too.

I had an account so I sent that, then I deleted the account, and now I have another account, so now I am posting a reply.

I'm pretty sure I sent that but someone else may have sent the same thing, so maybe I sent that. I'm pretty sure though. I am adding more to the message I previously mentioned.

Check with a doctor if you can. If you feel like there is something wrong with your body, then check with a doctor if you can. I'm writing this only because I have pain in my finger too, because I am trying to be kind because that is something that I, most of the time, do.

I don't have that pain, but when I touch my left ring finger, it hurts so much that I cry.

I have the exact pain as described in original post!! I seem to get it when I touch plastics or anything cold or hot. It is like someone putting pins on my little finger on my left hand just below the nail...

Then it stops and everything is fine like. No marks etc back to normal.

I've had the finger pain problem for over 10 years. Only today I was told it could be a glomus tumor. It's totally benign and once removed, the pain completely goes. Please look into it and ask your consultant for a scan for it. Hopefully it will help you.

I've had the finger pain problem for over 10 years. It's excruciating at times. It eases when I put it in warm water or in my mouth. Only today I was told it could be a glomus tumor. It's totally benign and once removed, the pain completely goes. Please look into it and ask your consultant for a scan for it. Hopefully it will help you.

I've read what a Glomus tumor is and i think that could be it...! I've not noticed the pain to be as severe recently but will deffo keep that in mind if I take it up further. Thanks

splinters feeling burned or severe stinging. Mine can be anywhere or everywhere. My nerve pain has a mind of its own! May need to read about pain from fibromyalgia?? Good luck!

Definitely see a hand surgeon about glomus tumor. Most people suffer with them for years, see multiple professionals, etc. without diagnosis. Your symptoms are exactly how mine began. Takes an MRI to confirm, but can be removed in day surgery and no more pain. Worth the time and testing if this is it.

This happens to me all the time, I thought maybe it's because I play an instrument(Viola). It could be a Calais forming or even internal bruising in a burn in your finger.. I find that the best way to deal with it is to put some ice on it.I notice that after I do that the pain isn't as bad.

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This was posted a few years ago, but I wanted to share that I came here, because I was googling the same pain. The person described the pain to a T. I could not have done it any better. I am glad someone else has this... I thought I might have a hairline fraction, or something like that. RA? Never thought about it. Some of my pains, and weird sensations were diagnosed by my PCP as fibromyalgia. Hyper-sensitive to certain sounds and noise levels, burning bone pain on my shins that only manifests when my leg is touched. Foot (bone) pains after walking even with Dr Scholl's shoes. Odd shoulder joint pains that leave my arm unmovable. And I am intolerant of common pain meds, so I learn to live with it.

To much time on your smart phone. Your fingers and hand are held in an unatural position for long periods.

Almost EXACTLY like you described -- like there's a splinter (but there's definitely no splinter). Hard poking jabbing or rubbing doesn't cause any pain, but lightly touching on the right spot causes sharp splinter pain. Then in 2 - 3 days, it all vanishes. Other thoughts: Twice this has happened after doing the dishes. When using bright light and high-powered magnifying glass, there's nothing there. Could it be a deep "subdural" type of a mini-blister pressing on an individual nerve? Or something else? I'd like to know exactly what the cause of this exact symptom is. Not just "oh I have random weird pains..."

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I wish I knew the cause alsdo because this psin is unexplainable! IbwishbI knew whatvwas causing it.

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Did you find out what it was?

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I know this was 2 years ago, but this exact pain just started yesterday for me. How often does it reoccur for you?


Yes this feeling is caused by gaming console controllers the skin is already sensative from the sweat on ur hands that drys from the controllers heat and the screws on most controllers are on the bottom by the middle finger and your right hand in most systems has more work then your left this all builds up to give u a blister on 1 or both middle fingers. to prevent it put tape over the screw holes on your controler

Check for carple tunnel and for parasite pumkin seeds kill parasites naturally and it makes ur hair grow. Also eat aloe vera with honey it heals ur body crazy fast

Does sound different but I would imagine it is from RA. Several fingers hurt & I have 3 knots out of 10. The worst was just for one day and my middle finger felt like it was broken. I knew I hadn’t done anything to do that. I used the stress ball to work it when possible because a lot of the time I couldn’t bend the finger or form a fist. I later got a pair of the mechanical grip masters. If you use them once daily that helps. Best of luck!

For me it feels like a bunch of tiny shards of glass around the tip of my index finger but i dont see anything there.

yess..!! same pain even i get whenever i am washing hands or bathing.. i don't know how it started I have consulted it with few doctors but since there is no swelling or redness or bruise they say that probably you are little depressed and I am like whaaaaat i am depressed..!! :-D all this started 2 years back when I was bathing and I felt unbearable pain in my right-hand middle finger, at that moment I ignored it but later this turned out to be a curse because everytime I wash my hand or bathe it pains in the same manner. I don't know what is the treatment.. i feel really irritated with this pain now and really wanna come over it..

Mine just started tonight. Left hand, middle finger, on the inside, bottom of finger pad. Feels like I get stung by a bee. Every 10 minutes or so.

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Yes, me too. Im not liking it at all

Hi. I had/have this pain in my hands and sometimes in my knees. Had carpal tunnel surgery to release trapped nerves to those fingers, my thumb, etc. Came back and this time I also have middle/ring fingers that are bent (usually in morning) and locked in place. The bent fingers can be further released by surgery at their base but the razor pain may be the beginning of RA especially if you have cystic bumps on your fingers. Regardless, I get some thick hand cream at any time of day or night and massage the inside of my wrist where nerves bunch, at bottom of each finger and along each. There are many exercises you should do at least 3 times a day (Google it) or whenever you think of it; use warm paraffin wax if you can find it but watch how hot it is or use a heating pad and ice packs. I find the massage and exercises are my best bet. Hope this helps.

Yes, started 3 days ago. Left thumb. Ohh my gosh, you explained it spit on...what is this pain?

I know this was 6 years ago, but this exact pain just started yesterday for me. How often does it reoccur for you?


I just started to get this pain in my knuckle by my fingertip of my index finger. It literally feels as though there is a steel thorn or something to that effect in my knuckle there.

It will come on suddenly (when using) and go away just as fast. One thing to get rid of it is to crack my knuckle and then keep moving it side to side.

This will mainly happen when I am using a wrench and exerting force to the area. It will definitely make me stop working on what I am doing. There is also a bump there in which I had never had before.

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Azmyth this post is 6 years old and the op is no longer in the group 😔

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I understand. Just saw a 7 month old post I was replying to. Anyways, pain posts are just like the ailments, they never go away.

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