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Are these the same thing

I have been taking methotrexate sulphate for years - and they have always been dispensed as individual pills in a bottle.

Yesterday I used a new chemist and was given a box of pills in blister packs and it was called methotrexate sodium. I queried this with the duty chemist and she said that this is what they always use when dispensing mtx, but she also said something about the loose ones being out of stock. I am not really sure she knew exactly what she was talking about. She believes that they are the same thing. I am a bit worried as I know that even medicines made by different makers can vary in their compostion.

Are methotrexate sulphate and methotrexate sodium the same thing or interchangable?

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Same drug. Blister packs also discouraged handling of the tablets.


Its the same active drug, but its not the same formulation. If you have any different reaction to it or don't tolerate it as well, go back to see your doctor and ask to be specifically prescribed the one you used to take.


Cheers - I'll go back to the doctor and explain and get another prescription.


The active part of drug is the same, we use goldshield brand blister pack at my hospital we used to use loose, the problem with loose tablets are they are cytotoxic and must have their own counting triangle and shouldnt be handled other than by users.


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