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well i got some tests monday

given me blood yesterday boy was their a lot on their

monday i have to have nerve tests at wrightington wonder what these are all about and what are they looking for in me legs.

as well as me ankle walked round penrith and i thought it was going to break me ankle

to many problems to list now its seems to be everywhere i have even had teeth ache in gums.

people will think im a hypocondriac in a bit.

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I know how that feels. I went through a time when I saw almost every Specialist in the hospital. Nerve tests, lung tests, dermatology, opthalmology, ... as well as Rheumatology and orthopaedics.

I have RA and Sjogrens. Sjogrens can affect the nerves as well as eyes, nose, mouth etc.

So am I a Hypochondriac or an attention seeker?

I expect I am what the GPs call a "heart-sink" patient.


what do they do on nerve tests will they find anything does it hurt at all


It hurts a bit, so try to relax. It doesn't take long. It's a bit like acupuncture. They check to see if your "wiring" is connected ok, and if you have any numb patches.

It turned out my stinging numb feet were probably a result of a trapped nerve in my lower back.

Good luck!


My eyes are affected i don't know if it is ra or anything else. They get very puffy and my throat is sore most mornings..I don't to ask what it is in case it upsets me more than i do at the moment.

I stuggled round st ives in cornwall in june. The cobbles nearly killed me. Sylvia.xx


Hi Manka

The nerve tests aren't to bad, they attach electrodes at various points down your legs, then administer a mild electric shock and monitor how long it takes for the muscle to twitch thereby checking the length of time it takes for the message to get through.

I had one done last year after complaining of being numb in certain areas of my lower body and feeling like I was plugged into an electricity supply from my knee downwards, especially in the evenings. They were checking for damage to the nerves in my lower spine or at least that's what mine was for.

Good luck, there's nothing to worry about with the test.

Beth xx


yes got the info today beth in the letter im not worried gave me bloods see what comes back from them go for this on monday see what they test im hoping its me worst leg or both of them bet i get a positive response and back to square one again

wonder what they are looking for if it shows slow rate signals will i get a diagnosis from this i wonder cos rumatology guy said i would not see him again.

one of my mates husbands from work has reactive authritus that attaks his ligaments mine sounds verry similar

knees toiday in the bad one feels like i got loads of grissel in them now

many thanks john


Hi Manka

Hope the info on this link will also be helpful

Best wishes





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