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hi i have just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 48 the drug i will be takeing is methotrexate any info please also been reading other peoples comments interesting i started with pains in my feet thought it was circulation 8 months later my nuckles started to hurt an swelling than my shoulder and lower back pain went for blood test i was positive had a steroid injection lasted for two weeks only pain is back again hospitial apointment this week been informed i will have to take methotrexate what are the side effects also are you classed as disabled or on the register thanks for any reply

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Sorry to hear that you have been in pain

You are classed as disabled under employment law.

Though lots of people arm still able to continue working, with adjustment being made to hours and environment. Dependant on level of diability.

Methotrexate is usually the 1st drug of choice, though for some people it can have side effects. You will need to have regular blood tests when you start the drug. This monitors the effect it has on your liver and kidneys. The drug is broken down by your liver.

Your specialist nurse should provide you with all this information.

Hope this helps

Good luck



I have been using methotrexate for about 5 years had no major issues does take a bit of getting used to though.good luck with the medication. any problems ask on here someone will now the answer.


Welcome Owen - sorry that you've been diagnosed with RA - it is a shock we all know but sometimes also quite a relief when the limbo period is over too.

I don't think you are classed as disabled automatically just because you have RA - it depends on whether you need to be for your work place or for benefits and for your car and tax related stuff or not. I'm not classed as disabled yet because I'm functioning well on Methotrexate and Hydroxichloraquine so it's a matter of choice I believe. Everyone reacts differently to RA and to the disease modifying drugs including MTX (methotrexate) so it's best if you just see how you get on because if you anticipate problems you may get them so try and approach MTX with an open mind. If you do get side effects then there are plenty of people on this site who will help and support you. Tilda


thankyou tilda for your reply


I've been on MTX for 5 weeks (8 tablets once a week) HYDROX twice a day and 10mg of steroid 💊💊 Was a tough two weeks felt a little nauseous and drugged up at the time - but seems my body is getting used to it 🤔 I have to have blood tests fortnightly to check on liver 😁 Fingers crossed I will be able to stay on the drugs, as I believe it's the MTX that prevents damage to your already painful joints 😉Hope this helps ?


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