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oh no 3what can the matter be

well i whent to the gym for a swim today thought well so far so good

when shopping with the wife it was like walking through 4 foot of water no fluid on me knees so thought well it must have stopped.

ankle well i thought it was going to come out me skin but i said bugger if it does.

got home on computer now and filling up knee with water again and aching choulders and neck what the hell can this be with negative this and negative blood other.

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Hi Minka,

Poor you, this sounds really miserable. My brother had trouble with fluid building up on his knee recently. They thought it was probably arthritis but they injected into the knee to draw off some of the fluid and found it was infected.

So many different things can cause very similar symptoms that it is very difficult to narrow it down but don't give up. Keep going back to the Doctors until they come up with a solution.

Good luck



Just because your bloods came back neg for RA doesn't mean there isn't anything wrong, could still be inflammatory arthritis or Fybromyalgia or maybe you've just overdone it in the pool and strained a few muscles.

I'm having really bad fluid retention in my legs, my ankles and feet feel like their being crushed with all the fluid at the minute.

Have a few days rest then pester your doctor again for answers

Good luck hope you get sorted out soon.

Beth x


thanks beth i will do that on thursday

today my knee is not swelled up much

but what i do get conserned about is my ankle feels like its giving in on the left leg to the inside due to me knee i think which sort of affect your back

im only taking paracetomol if i take brufen it makes it worse for some reason

i have never had so much aching all over me body like ligament are giving way.

hands hurt at joints

ankle hurts

back feels like all the bone fluid is beeing stripped at the lower part and neck and arms ache

feel like a nutter go to bed at 10 wake up at 6am sweating like mad.

can ra come on in a matter or 3 and a half months

i know my cran had it but she was realy swelled up.

what stuff do you take for it? please

rumatoligy said walk slow nothing showing up in you bloods

now im being sent for nerve tests.

whent and paid to see if it was ms they said dont think so

dont know weather to go and see if its me back thats caused all this.

do me swimming to get some exersise as i cant walk very far

what tests will definitly tell me what this is any ideas

my feet are a bit like yours in that they go cold then hot and it feels like water in them

and they give me tingling sensations and feel like the bones are being twisted.

many thanks for your reply but i dont know whats going on being none diagnosed.

the mri on me knee showed normal but the bursa under me knee cap feelds like its dead and not that good in the other knee.

i thought rumatoid was semetrical in it behavour of makeing the other the same as the other

if that was the case i would not be walking beth.

and im sort of driving the wife up the wall with all the talking about it and her doing the gardens that i used to do.

i should point out ive had this now 3 times first in 1991 and then 2005 and now again starts in me knees 2 other times i pulled it back but this time is much harder cos its in most joints like fluid.

sorry for all the moaning regards john any help would be appretiated


Hi this actually sounds like I did 25yr ago when pestering my doctor for answers and I was eventually told I have A.S (Ankylosing Spondylitis), I've added the link for Seronegative Athropathies, have a look and see if your symptoms match up. Some of the things you describe really rings a bell with some of the problems I have.

When my SI joints flair I can't walk at all and feel like my entire body has turned on me. Even on good days when walking my shin feels like the bone is going to snap and pop through (extremely painful).

It might be an idea to ask for a spinal SI joint/hip xray or MRI on the spine, problems with the spine can cause all sorts of problems with the hips/knees and ankles.

Beth x


Is it connected to the weather? I was wiped out last week when I went to south of England and it was 28 degrees. And could it be water retention? If so oddly you might need to drink more or get pills to help with that. It's horrible to feel like that so I hope you're better soon



thanks cathie but some times the hot weather does get me down then again the rain makes it a problem to i need an inbetween temprature thats why i got checked out for ms

see above answer to beth

regards john


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