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yucky day - how can you be seasick in bed ?

I rarely sleep well, and like many off you am often awake for long periods in the early hours so when I woke up just before 3 am today I didnt think anything of it, until I got up to go for a pee, thats when the floor and I met face down-crash bang wallop well the noise set the dogs of barking (they sleep in the room next to mine) then himself staggers through - and asks what happened to you !!! I wont print my reply here lol

Eventually got back into bed then realised that I had a banging headache, waited a while then decided to take some painkillers, dosed off woke again at 6 well the headache was even worse, I went to get up and the room spun floors tilting all over the place if I hadnt known better I would have thought I was on a ship eeeek talk about feeling sick, when I moved it was worse, so my day off was spent lying flat on my back in a darkened room.

I got up an hour ago, had a shower and some toast - so far so good, if I dont move to quick I am ok headache not gone :( but no where near as bad.

Jen x

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Hi Jen

Best to get checked out by your GP

Something similar happened to me once, many years ago at the weekend, turned out to be Labrynthitus, went on for weeks then periodic episodes. Not saying you've got that but worth getting checked over. It's horrible when the room spins like that, you have my sympathy

Let us know how you get on with the doc, stay still as much as possible, and take care xx


Labrynthitus, that's the word I was looking for lol.

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I had something like that once or twice and it turned out to be my inner ear, I felt sea sick when I lay down in bed and falling all over when I tried to stand up lol, I know it's not funny but sometimes you have to giggle.

I received help through the GP referring me on, was shown some exercises and within hours I felt great again but it still happens now and then and I do the exercise and it's gone.

I hope this might help



I started getting this when I was pregnant with my daughter and that was a long time ago....labarynthitis..not sure about the spelling. Get to your GP, may be something simple like wax causing it, or an infection. You can get from him/ her tablets to stop the nausea and the room spinning quite so fast and if necessary antibiotics.

Keep your head supported, I find that helps with the dizziness is when it is left free to flap about as it pleases that the dizziness is worse, and don't try washing your hair in the the loss of balance is quite marked and not to be recommended

Should pass within 4-5 days but I do feel for you and hope it gets better really soon



I have episodes of this and i was diagnosed with Menieres disease,which is related to the ear.I also have tinnitus as well. Hope you soon feel better.xxxx


Thanks for your support xxx

This morning the headache has gone, am now wondering if it was just a severe migraine I used to have these when I was a teenager - gees that was a long time ago :) but haven't had them for years,I feel a bit wobbly but nothing like yesterday, I did phone 111 and they told me to try a travel sickness pill and see GP if no better in 48 hours or if it got worse

Hope you all have a good Halloween


I have had this a couple of times and the doc said it was Labrynthitus, it is a horrible experience, I thought I was having a stroke the first time. He gave me tablets which I had to take 3 a day for a month, seems to have settled down now though (fingers crossed), enough to put up with with the RA lol,


He'll since I have had RA . I do get couple times a year an episode very similar to this and it is benign vertigo. Sickness tablets I get from gp and I have had physio excercises given to me which helps but. Uck . Are you better now ?


hope you feel better soon



Yes I am much better now, thank you, it really only lasted 24 hours the travel sickness pills worked, still not sure what it was but am very relieved its gone now it was horrid while it lasted

Jen x


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