I'm going to be in the newspaper !!!!

Hi everyone,I hope you are all well today.i thought I would share my news with you all.my rheumatologist nurse has just rung me asking if I was prepared to do a newspaper article with her and my consultant on rheumatoid arthritis and methotrexate.of course I said where and when !!! So in the next couple of weeks I will be going to the hospital to do this.i will get RA out there !!!! Also it will be good spending time with my rheumatologist and nurse.when it comes into print I will show you all !!! Right where's that nice colour lipstick :))))

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  • Wow,that's great news for you & for us. Good luck!

    Love Alison xx

  • Go Michelle ....you'll be fab C x

  • Great news............. strawberry pink lips for the photo shoot.

  • Well done Shell you will be excellent I know! Is it a National paper or a local one can you tell us? Tilda x

  • Let us know were you are and which paper xx

  • GOOD LUCK Shell Great News.Patx

  • Hi it's only a local paper but it dus cover 250 k homes so still good news for making ra aware !!! I live in Dunstable in bedfordshire.my constant and nurse going to talk first about RA and then me about RA and methotrexate, they only want a newly diAgnosed patient so she thought of me as she loves my positivity!! So hope I'm having A good day on the day lol And no flare up cud you imagine haha :)) will let you all know wen I'm going to do it And look forward to sharing the article with you all xxx

  • Consultant even lol !!

  • Well done you,nice red lipstick something bright to wear and don't forget to get your hair done and you will rock them.xxx

  • great! looking forward to seeing it.


  • Excellent news Michelle, don't forget to wear something sparkly XX

  • Fab news and get the lippy out.

    Tell them up here in north east the treatment is shambolic lol!

  • don't forget to put it all on here dear.


  • Wwll done yes pu it on here x

  • Hi everybody,my nurse rung and I'm going to do the interview mon 25 th feb xxx

  • Looking forward to seeing the article, I'm sure you will make an excellent interviewee

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