Ups... and thankfully down(hill)s!

Ups... and thankfully down(hill)s!

Hi All,

thank you for your kind support during the run up to my bike ride today.

In the end I did 60 miles in 6 hours an 40 minutes including breaks, my whole team were great and everyone dressed up and kept up morale. All my joints feel fine at the moment. I've got nodules on my wrists which were getting in the way a little bit on the handle bars but I think that was pretty much it. I think adrenaline took over.

I was asked to share a photo or two, so enjoy!!

Thanks again :D

Rach x

11 Replies

  • What a fantastic achievement. Well done.


  • Next it will be move over Bradley Wiggins .... congrats!

  • Congratulation - what an achievement :)

    Well done Sci x

  • Well done great cycle.


  • Well done you are wonder

  • Well done ,lovely photo.

    Beth xx

  • FANTASTIC!! Congratulations! Love the helmet! Christina xx

  • Ha! Thanks everyone :D xoxox

  • Well done! Ditto all above. xx

  • Yes that's brilliant - what an inspiration you are! TTx

  • Brilliant stuff, congratulation, hope you got a good massage after all the hard work


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