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One down two to go work wise

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Well first day over with.I only work 3 days anyway but I did it .my knuckle swollen up this morning but I think I was getting a bit stressed up after going back to work as I work in a warehouse it involves a lot of walking I think it did me good at the moment I am fine touch wood but also I am phased back to work half day each day which eases me in if I can carry on like this till I get my gov pension I will be happy would of been happier if I could of retired at 60 till the #### gov changed the goal posts for a lot of us women ☹️Thanks to all of you who responded to me xx don’t give up don’t be beaten x

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Well done now put your feet up, and rest your hands ☕️

Hope it all works out for you elswick, take good care of yourself. If it doesn’t or unable to work there are other options, esa,pip, ill health retirement, downsize etc: together might be enough to tide you over till state pension age (you re right about that coming in far too quickly😬) I struggled on for a year at work with various joints, fatigue etc but started to find anything I used my hands for caused flares . Good luck x

Good luck but don't be overdoing doing it and putting more strain on your joints I did for 3 years trying to work . I ended up in a mess joints swelled that much was in a wheel chair for 2 weeks it was awful that was when I decided I must come to terms with my condition and look after my body. It took about 6 weeks after that to be able to walk about reasonable. I then phoned in work if joints started flaring in the end they finished me for ill health. I was worried about money. But through being on here helped I applied for pip and also I get esa which help I will be 60 next year and still away of retiring even though my condition RA I also have Copd and Osteoarthritis in both knees is more controlled. Still suffer with fatigue and never no which days a good or bad day I don't think about work now. I try and focus on other thinks I've started painting furniture or even garden ornaments do baking on good days with help of gadgets. There's loads of other thingsas well. I wish you look at work. Xxx

Thanks for the inspiration, needed a lift as I sit here with sore hand, feet and arm. Good days and not so good days our life with RA, I am adjusting too. We are all troupers here supporting one another helps tremendously. Wishing you all the best with work 😊Hessie

Oh well done, Elswick. You should be proud of yourself. Going back to work must have been so daunting but you did it! If nothing else it will be a distraction perhaps. Wishing you well


Well done Elswick. Hopefully it gets better as time goes on. Im in same age bracket as you. Life would be so much easier if I had my pension. I empathise except I cant get back to work. Like I say well done. Hope you are feeling ok today🙂🙂

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