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Just Fustrated

Hi, I was diagnoisis with RA at the binging of may 2012. I am on methotrexate, plaquinal,and predisone. I still stiff most of the day. Pian and more Pain. I use tylenol #3 to controll that. The Dr is now checking insurance and going to add Remicade. At times it seems like a loosing battle. I was on vacation this week hoping to catch up on house work and maybe do some sewing but I so exhausted nothing is getting done. I just keep praying something will work. I had osteo arthritis since age 20 and now at 57 it turned to RA

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Hi Darice, join the club, so sorry that you have had so many years of pain, I pray too and hope that one day miracles will happen, but until that we all keep taking the meds believing that some day some will work. Here's believing for better for you, it can happen, I'm on my way up from a very long way down...

all the best



Darce, its no fun being in pain is it. I think we all have constant pain most of the time. Some days we don't notice it others we are crawling up the walls with it. You will get there eventually to a happy medium. Hope that day soon comes for you.


How nice to have another American joining us, hello! Very sorry that you've got OA and RA. One is bad enough. But is sounds as if you've not been on the meds for that long, so hopefully things will pick up a bit more. Good luck with the Remicade. Polly


Hi Darce - it is really early days if you were only diagnosed in May so I would give the medicines a chance to work before you despair too much. Many people in the UK take ages to get a diagnosis and be put on medicines such as Remicade but then it's all free here at least. Anyway good luck with it all and hope you find that the Remicade makes a bit difference to you. Tilda


Hello Darice, it is a right pain isn't it? and you have certainly had a lot of that over the years. They do seem to be treating with a lot of medication and it does take a long time to work like Tilda says but hopefully the metx will start kicking in soon and you have some relief. In the meantime come on and vent your frustration here.


Hello Darice

Dito to all what's been said in previous responses to your blog.

Welcome to the site,

Take care Sci x


Hi Darice, I am also on your side of the big pond, in northern Ohio, just a few miles inland from the shores of Lake Erie. Originally from NW Pennsylvania.

We have Tinwoman (Christine) out in Nebraska, someone in Maryland, I know there are others in US. So where would we find you?

I have RA and PsA, Osteoarhtritis, Osteoporosis and Fibromyalgia. Right now I think I am about as good as I can be, with MTX, Arava and the biologic Simponi, plus for pain-Neurontin, Ultram, and Vicodin. Sure hope you are not in one of the states that has been burning up with 90's and 100's temps and drought. Not so pleasant! Hope things get settled for you very soon. Loretxx


My meds didnt start to work until about 4months I know ite hard and you dont see a way through it but it will improve it wont go away just be more bearable Im 60 and never had pain or illness in my life so I think myself very lucky so its like hitting a brick wall,stopping me in my tracks so Im fighting it all the way maybe im not doing all the things I used to but doing them I am in a different way.Its hard for you and a bigger fight but dont give up.x


thank you for all the support. I live in NE wisconsin and yes we have the drought and 100 degree weather. I love central air! Glad to hear I not the only one going thru this. Glad I can still work as a nurse (Vascular Access Nurse) but since the ra has hit my hands it has made it harder for me. After work I do nothing! Hope everyone a good day


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