FOOT TOES STRAIGHTENED AND reconstrution of tendons

I have toes straighten and reconstrutction of tendons last october and know i cant bare shoes on or stand with severe pain or walk much without severe pain and some toes have reverted back i have scar tissue and nerve damage and arhtritis and affects walk and my back as i havw fractured spine im in constant pain tablets dont work cant have physion was at othrodontic but man there no ways i could wear shoes if he put legs up to rest the pain of tendon goes up my legs but could have another operations but i was told i could make it worst im going crazy with pain nothing works i would never had the operations on both feet if i new it would turn out like this i should have had physio but i was told by foot specialist dont need physio my RA consultant didnt agree just feel like screaming with it

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  • Hi Chris4321, I've had 3 hammertoes straightened, about 25 years ago, and then in 2008 I had my right foot totally reconstructed. My foot was swollen for over 3 years but now I can wear shoes that have a bigger toe area. So glad I did it, it worked for me-no pain now.

    Sorry to hear of your reverting foot issues & nerve damage. Seems like someone should listen to you & be able to help with your feet.

    Good luck & best wishes to you.


  • hi tinwoman i wish someone would listen know got to much arthritis damage aswell my consultant RA said another operation would make the damage worst well mine only a year since i had the operation well all my toes was crooked and 2 hammer toes they was bad the worst the foot consultant had see pluse when i was 17 i saw a foot consultant and he said they couldnt be done but then i only had 2 hammer toes turned 40 RA got worst orthodontics gave me splints but i also have fractured spine rods screw plates and cos im walk not straight affecting my back well go back see consult next week thank tinwoman glad it worked for you when you had yours done did you get physio RA consultant told i should have some but foot specialist we dont do physio for feeet good luck bestwishes christine

  • I have had full front foot reconstruction over the past 2 years...the right foot is really good and the left foot a little slower to feel so good. I can now wear normal shoes (within reason) I used to have to wear extra wide shoes in a size larger and was only able to wear boots, crocs, and lace ups...all a size larger than my normal size, hence often falling over. I had a great surgeon, but it took me a while to go ahead,as I had heard negative results. Good luck Chris, I hope time you will improve

  • hi lancaster that give me hope thank you yes time i have alot off ive tried the widest shoe i can find but find it difficult to find them wide enough RA consultant sent me to have shoes mad but they examined feet said be a wast of time only had feet done a year some one said take three years i have splint cos tendons pulling even laying down walking and im not walking right so there trying to correct it i hope it will improve in time

  • I don't know if this will help, but had surgery on both feet and for a couple of years all the toes gave me pain and to walk was not that pleasant but I was free of the original pain. It is now over seven years since both lots of surgery and I am pain free. I bought the softest widest pair of shoes I could find, and wore these, then replaced them after six months with a new pair and continued to do this as my feet healed. I also bit the bullet and decided to have luxury pedicures, oh yes these hurt for several years, but my feet got pampered and the hot wax was so relieving. I mentioned on Friday when I had my pedicure this week, how times have changed, no sore toes, scar tissue settled nicely and feet far less swollen and I can now walk for miles. I have a pedicure every three weeks, the scar tissue is worked on and I have lovely painted toenails.

  • hi figetmum ive tried widest shoes been to hosptial have them mad he wouldnt touch them ive even bought some wide shoes cant wear them i cant stand or walk much for severe pain question how does a pedicure help scar tissue interested thanks that might helps

  • Hi Chris, Lizzie my therapist, does a massage and also scrapes the hard skin on the scar tissue. the hot wax foot bath softens the skin also. She also does reflexology , so by the time she' s finished my feet like they are walking on soft pillows. it took years for me to be able to cope with this, but I am so glad we persevered. it is not done on the NHS, cost me £26.00 for an hour, but so worth every penny.

    I had a couple a joints removed from three of my toes to straighten them, now that was interesting as well as a massive bunion and three Morton neuromas removed. Scar tissue on the top of the feet as well as on the soles, the scar tissue on the soles was the worst.

    I do hope you pain lessens as it can get very miserable.

  • hi fidgetmum well mine where the toes finsh on the soft of foot and underneath also get hard skin cos im walk not right im get that on the side of the ball of my feet yes it does get you down and the tendons they don they paulling every time i walk under my archs up my leg to my back alread y suffer burstis in my back due my fractured spine screws plates course fluid to build up they cant operate on that i will try reflexology tired accupunture but that was like torture i have had it before but this is difference

  • I started to develop calluses because I was not walking correctly after the surgery. one of my toes has developed a callous on the pad because of the way I have been protecting it. My back improved so much, had surgery on the spine years ago, but again the muscles I my back were pulled because of my feet Gradually over the years since the surgery on my feet, this has improved so much I can walk for miles without an ache. I am sure the massaging Lizzie is doing on my feet is helping so much. She always gives my toes the extra bit of attention when doing the reflexology. I am wondering if some very gentle yoga would help you, more meditation based than the body twisting yoga.

    Have you tried having your feet in warm wax, the wax is left on and your feet are put into plastic bags and wrapped in warm towels for about 10 minutes? Oh this is so lovely.

  • hi fidgetmom i already do mediation help me sleep and for paini use have wax bath when i was in children's hosptial for a year i was crippled with Ra at 6years old then grew out of it at 21 but came back with a venagence shoulders jaw wrists finger all been operated on will try that the wax thanks fidgemom

  • Hi chris i got same surgery done a year ago and im the same as you not a day goes by am i pain free my surgeon wants me to go and get this again and im struggling with a answer

  • hi elaine yes my RA consultat said it would make things worst fooot specialist willing to do it but said 15% chance it wont work im in the same postion elaine dont know what to do see my RA consultant this next monday and orthodontic gave me splints and shoes be a waste of time i let you know what the i decided and consulant

  • Hi Chris, Sorry to hear you're going through a bad time with your feet. Please do give the NRAS freephone helpline a call on 0800 298 7650 and speak to someone who can advise you.

  • Hi daniela i will thank you very much

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