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Been feeling rubbish and hands not working .till now lol

Not been on much of late , not been well , after the worry of if my cancer back (go for test next week ) I got really bad throat , then it went to my chest and was ill for another 3 weeks, and felt drained and tired. Well then got my energy back to a moverable level and promtly fell over an 8 inch wall outside my flat as i lost my balance . Which i do alot of late .

This wall is the bain of my life lol, Have fallen over it 3 times , once when could nto see it as it was under a foot of snow. This time though was taking my grandaughter home as she had stayed with me overnight . Did not want ot worry her or scare her so she helped me up and I managed to drive her home though my knee and hip was killing me .

Later that day was in lot of pain and was a bit worried about my hip as a previous fall had dislocated it for the second time .

My younger daughter took me to A&E to check on it .4 1/2 hours later and in pain discomfort with sitting on horrid chairs and others going in before me and going home. I said lets just go home if my hip goes will call ambulance. But no my daughter said she just ask why been waiting so long. Evidently as had history of hip dislocation hadto wait to see doctor. the other people were seen as they could go through quick but they still had to see a doc!!

When did see doc she told me to get on a bed, but it was too high for me and no step to help me . I had told her I had arthritis OA and RA and the reason i was there was in the notes and still expected me to climb on to this high bed. I tried and it was so painfull on my hip and knee .She shrugged and said well cant look at it then , so looked at my knee.

Arranged an xray which i had to walk to though walking extremly painful even with my stick and holding onto my daughter ,a young lady with a sprained ankle was offered a wheel chair , a man with swollen anckle was offered a wheel chair , another young boy a trolly bed with swollen ankle . I was looked at and looked away.

After the x ray we were told to pass the form to the reception , so we went ot reception a lady was just going to take it and she was distracted by another nurse ,so turned her back on us. they chatted for about 5 mins then she walked away . washed her hands and just looked at us . Then went another way and left us standing there for another 5 mins until I had to say ,about .do we leave this here or hand it in. some one took it . while waiting for the doctor to look at xrays , another two lots of people took their forms to th reception and some one took them straight away . Now I no there prob a reason for why they just ignored me and kept us waiting ,but it made me feel as if I was just a pest , I do feel sometimes that having so many health issues , I get looked as if a freak and as if going to be difficult for them . Only time been to A&E was in ambulance before .Began to wish had rung one or not gone at all. as aready on mophine for my back and ra .But i just wanted to be sure it was not in a postion it may go again . I did nto make a fuss , and only after 4 1/2 hours did we question the wait itme as was told 2 hours when we went in.

sorry all, started as a general comment , but the hos treatment really annoyed me and had to get it out lol, Rant over.......

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It wasn't george eliot by any chance was it. No i suppose it wasn't. I don't think the nursing staff these days care about people. It is an inconveinence to them,gets in the way of chatting to their friends. You want to claim about your treatment,its the only way to get through to them. I have done and i got an apology the last time i complained. This time i think it will take a little while longer.

Who owns the wall? can't you knock it down or accidently knock it down.

By the way what was the outcome to your fall.

Take care sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi. Hows you ?

It was Worthing Hospital. but it def gone down hill. It was like if they looked at me enough I would go away . Which i nearly did. My daughter was fumming .

I dont know who wons the wall, prob the domain of the management agents .But even the lady who lived here before me fell over it , and it has damaged my car when tried to park the other way round so not have to et out of my car next to it . it just low enough to get behind the wing just below the door level.

My knee is bruised in two places and swollen up a lot and bruises on my hip. Think my hip lucky as was soft mud and had thick coat to land on. and made sure my knee got beween the ground and my hip. but my aching like made and my knee, still be ok, but think will mention to my landlord about it .


Ouch! Poor you.

I think it might be a good idea for you to copy this to your MP*. And to Andrew Lansley. It may not have much effect, but on the other hand, if enough of us got a little bit militant things might start to change.

I think you were genuinely discriminated against as far as getting on a high trolley is concerned. Who do these people think they are to treat you so unkindly?

(* Oh... And to your hospital complaints department too.)

Anyway glad nothing was broken or dislocated!


Yes I agree with Phoebe - I do think you should do something about the poor treatment at the hospital and about the wall before you do yourself an even worse injury and before the hospital get another chance to meet out shabby patient care to someone else with RA or you again next time you take a tumble. Why should people with less long term conditions such as fractures etc get the better treatment when the damage you might have sustained will have consequences that all the others probably won't have? Perhaps you and your daughter should write the letter together because she was there as a witness so could support your allegations of discrimination?

And that wall needs to come away if it's not doing anything productive? Threaten the landlord that this is a liability to tenants of this property and then they may use their public liability insurance to get it removed if they feel that there might be bigger consequences.

I'm sorry to joke but I misread your blog initially and thought you'd written an 8 foot high wall and was wondering why on earth you keep climbing up onto such a high wall silly me! TTx


tilda everytime i read your last paragraph i keep laughing my head off, not only does everyone wonder why i am giggling into the computer but i can't write the serious blog i was going to.


hear! hear! xx


you are right to complain PP - that was awful treatment at the hospital. Hope you feel better now that you are home. My sister is a nurse and she says those who scream loudest are those that get seen quickest and she would urge us all to complain as she feels that is the only way anything will ever improve.

you had better knock that wall down - i just can't get the picture of you scaling it out of my head. - sorry Pam, its Tilda's fault she put that image in my head because she can't read properly.


Can't count either - and I'm an artist and am meant to be used to measuring stuff in inches and feet? Oh heck sorry Pam - and Mads for adding mirth to a serious post like this but it did really make me wonder for a minute or two?! TTxx


You really made me laugh Tilda , my daughter laughed to when she came to see what I was laughing at lol.

I have trouble with a 4 inch step let alone a 8 foot wall lol.

Thank you for cheering me up ;))))

Just a bit serious note, The other reason i just wanted ot be checked is because am on Warfrin, and if it high could have bled out and they not even care about it . but am always being told if I bruse to go to hos, and if my hip had been damaged it could have caused a bled. Maybe they felt had used up my NHS quota for a while .



Oh I'm relieved I made you laugh with my silliness Pam!

I actually feel so cross with your hospital for treating you in this way. If you had been bleeding internally they could have faced litigation for their negligence so please do write and say something to them so it never happens again - you don't want to dread going to hospital or end up bleeding away on the Warfarin unchecked do you and stuff the NHS quota! Why should these people keep their jobs if they can't do them properly when so many nurses are unemployed and desperate for work? TTx


That does sound bad.. though wait is unfortunately typical of my local hospital as they arent meeting the government 4 hour target often enough x


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