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Sometimes wonder what I have ??

I have had spinal problems for longer than I care to remember , Had Schuermans disease ,from 11 years of age treated in the wrong way with plaster casts and steel corsets until 18 and weakened spine and muscles . thought had grown out of it then the pain returned and found have AS ,it does not get better ,slipped discs made it worse as took s long to get sort after traction . just sometimes you think it ok as it may be in remission or you have just not done anything to agrivate it . In fact my previous doctors gave up listing all my problems with my spine and other bits they just put acute mutipule musicular and skeletal problems , which is now just put down to RA as if ithat covers everything . I gave up work completly 16 years ago ,mainly due to my hands .and downhill sincethen lol. as now it again my spine with stenosis and and no chance of an op due to other problems and now my lungs... m thinking of leaving my body to science even just to find out how it still going after everything lol..

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Pam, you have been a rough deal haven't you. You are one very brave lady to have managed as well as you have. I take my hat off to you.

My best wishes to you.


Thank you Sylvi, I have always tried to just get on with it, moaning not going to get rid of it just make me more unhappy ,and i try to be happy , but every now and then I have to have winge to someone lol and find that after all these years my kids have heard it all before so try not to let on to them all the time . But latly even I am having problems that finding it hard to cope with and the doctors just make feel a pest . But am now going to curl up onthe sofa with a couple of good fims and just veg ... hope you ok and not having too many problems at the moment xx


That's so bad that the doctors make you feel that way Pam. How hard is it just to be sympathetic at least - even if there's not a lot they can do for you? After all if they are kind and let you offload at regular intervals then they are doing something to help you and it is their very well paid job to listen and be helpful. And it sounds as if there's plenty of really tough physical problems you have that they should be able to offer you support over and never ever make you feel like a pest. Grrr moan away every now and then and we'll all be here for you - I think you are very brave. Tilda x


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