Another strange question? I sometimes feel like I have a mobile phone set on vibrate in my leg?

This keeps happening,at first I really did think it was my mobile,it took me a long time to realise that it was coming from within. A couple of weeks ago I went to Tenerife & my poor leg went into overdrive, it was like my mobile was on vibrate & was constantly ringing in my leg. Anyone throw any light on this or have I finally lost it .

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  • This is a coincidence Caza - I just read of exactly this experience when I was trying to get to the bottom of my weird deep heat surges and went back to unusual menopausal

    symptoms - and there it was - vibrations like a mobile phone in the hip and leg. Lots of people with this as part of their menopauses. I don't know if it helps you at all though? Tilda x

  • Hi,don't think it's the menopause,went through that a couple of yrs ago I think,weird feeling & kept me awake . Difficult to keep up with all that's happening lately x

  • Wow me too,

  • I know its crazy isn't it? I too am now post menopausal but was told that's when a lot of meno symptoms increase or become problematic for many. The vibrations that women were experiencing were just exactly as you've described, almost word for word, so it seemed quite a coincidence doesnt it? The only other thing that i can think of is that all three of my sons get a vibration in one or both of their legs sometimes. Its really odd - I feel it occasionally against the table at tea and ask then to stop - thinking its just them doing it to show off - only to be told quite firmly that they can't stop because its involuntary?! Tilda x

  • I had this on and off for about a year then it stopped, not had it since I started MTX. I really do not think it is menopause related - few years off that yet! x

  • Hi mel,I really don't think it's to do with the menopause. If yours stopped when you started mxt,then I guess it's to do with RA. I take hydroxy. I wonder if any men on this site have experienced it,which would put pay to the menopause theory. It's gone now but was really anoying. I couldn't feel it from the outside, could you? Thanks for replying x

  • Well when I had the pins and needles all over that turned out to be active RA - pressure of inflammation on the nerves so it could be same idea? And maybe all those vibrating menopausal women have undiagnosed other things and are blaming everything on hormones - stranger things have happened? I've got hot flushes in all my limbs and no one on meno site seemed to have experienced this either and no Mel I'm sure it's not meno in your case! Could it be related to restless leg syndrome I wonder? Tilda

  • Hi Tilda,I had night sweats because of RA which have stopped since taking hydroxy. I don't think it's restless legs as it was just in one leg & in one spot. I did wonder if it had anything to do with flying but it wasn't painful just irritating like a phone ringing on & off on & off all night. I do have a back injury due to an accident so maybe it's to do with that. Who knows stopped now!! X

  • I have had it regularly on and off for the last 10 years. Get it when R.A. is active, also get it when I am coming down with a bug. Had it really bad when I had Neuritis and a brain infection 5 years ago. Normally take pain meds. hot bath /heat pad to help. Have had Gabentin sp? previously but as I know it always passes I try to relieve it with minimal meds if possible. So good to hear someone else explain it the same way. When I told the doc it felt like a phone n vibrate I don't mind saying I felt a bit crazy explaining it that way but it is an accurate description.Hope it eases soon x

  • Hi k,yes it does sound a bit crazy doesn't it. I didn't take any pills or do anything because it was just a bit irritating. So I'm not going mad then it happens to others :-) x

  • Hi Caza

    Sometimes if a joint is inflammed and swollen this can push on the surrounding soft tissue and nerves and cause strange sensations, like pins and needles, in other areas. I'm not sure if this sounds similar to the vibration sensations you're experiencing? But if you are concerned we would always suggest speaking to your GP or rheumatology team about new or unusual symptoms like this for some medical advice.

    Kind regards

    Sarah Kate


  • Hi Sarah Kate,thanks for your reply. It wasn't pins & needles,it really was like a mobile that's on vibrate,inside my leg,it was on & off like a phone ringing. Very strange I guess I was a bit concerned because I'd been flying but it wasn't painful at all just annoying. It lasted for a few days but gone now. If it happens again I'll go to my GP. Thanks again.

  • Hello Caza, I do apologize but I have found this question a year later but I hope that you still get to see this. It is not Menapausal. I have been having this sensation since I was fourteen as far as I can remember. So all can stop with that theory. I have been told this from two husbands and a couple of boyfreinds (I'm no saint lol). I beleive it is energy that is flowing through to us. Depending on your surroundings could depend on when it happens, how often and how strong they are. They only scared me the first time I can remember it happening. I was 14 years old. I may just be an Alien trying to phone home as much trauma as I have had to this damn body I dont know. But if thats the case then so are the rest of you huh? lol Anyway I have other strange stuff happening that are coming back to my remebrance along with a plethera of new things that I am excited to experience so my only advice is this, keep praying if you do, Don't worry about it and try to make yourself one with it because it is a part of who you are now.

    Be Blessed:-)

  • I'd forgotten that I'd written that,it doesn't happen anymore. It was all very strange.

    Maybe the hydroxy that I take stopped it. It's almost certainly to do with RA, a very strange condition. Hope your having a lovely sunny day


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