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I need to know what kind I have

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I know I have arthritis in my knees, spine, hands, shoulders and fingers but I have never been told what kind. I have big and little knots , the little ones are between my fingers and toes and getting more and more. I have one big one on my little pinkie finger and it is very painful.all of the time as well as my knees. My Mother had the kind that draws your fingers up and she lost use of both hands before she passed away. My Dad was like me. I now have this funny looking things in the palm of my hands on the main leaders to two of my fingers. It looks like a deep dimple and puffy on each side. When it rains or snows I am in so much pain I just want to ball up in a knot but can't. Any help would be appreciated.


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If its weather related its oa,but it could be ra as well. Next time you see a medic ask them what is written down. You do know that you are allowed to look at your medical records. If it is your doctors see the practise manager,if its the hospital see pals and ask them.

I hope you soon find out which one or both you have.

Best wishes,


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Thank you so much. I am getting ready to go to the doctor now.



I also think its OA, but as sylvi says you can have both type at once as oa can be secondary to ra after it has caused it's damage.

Not familar with all of oa symptoms so can't comment, but your doctor should be able to tell you what type you have so ask loud and clear!

Good luck

Sci x

If your GP said you were arthritic then it's more likely that it's osteoarthritis, also called degenerative arthritis.

Usually you are only diagnosed with one of the inflammatory arthritis after you have been to see a specialist consultant and had more tests. There are a number of different types of inflammatory arthritis, so you would need to ask the consultant exactly what they think it is.

It's'not helpful that osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis sound quite similar but they are quite different diseases with different treatment so I can understand why you want to know.

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I will ask him but I did not get to ask him today. He took one look at my feet and that was it. They are twice the size they are suppose to be and it goes all the way up to my knees. He took blood and I have to go back in a week. So maybe I can talk to him then.


Do you see a RA nurse or a OT? They should be able to give you a bit more time and be able to explain it all to you. Sounds to me like to you more than one thing. I do think the consultants dont have the time to chat to us as they are trying to see to many people so we dont get the time we need to ask our many questions we have so make a good effort to ask want to need answers to and if he doesnt have time, ask him who you can speak to (if you dont have a separate nurse) and he should be able to refer you to one so you get your time you deserve. It is very necessary for patients with arthritis to be able to ask questions. Hope you get all the answers you need. xx

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So far he blames everything happening to me on

RLS. My arthritis he said was bad and he helped me get disability but since then he has not talked about it. I guess I will have to ask him but I will have to get my sugar in a good range of numbers and nothing new happen to get his attention on anything else. He has a one track mind. I have never seen any kind of specialist for Arthritis.

Thank you,


What's RLS? Maybe you'll get an answer when results of your blood test come through, but sounds as if your Doc thinks it's'osteo arthritis at the moment if you haven't been sent to a specialist.

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That is the impression I get , This kind is bad enough I am glad I do not the other. .Thanks for you information,


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Oh I almost forgot,,RLS is Restless Leg Syndrome a very nerve racketing . illness in the leg area. .

Hi Stanjo16

If a GP suspects rheumatoid arthritis (RA) they will usually take some blood tests and refer you to a rheumatology specialist at the hospital, as only a rheumatologist would be able to make the formal diagnosis. You can read more about the diagnosis of RA on our website, and the blood tests used.

Making a diagnosis of RA: nras.org.uk/about_rheumatoi...

Blood tests used in the diagnosis and monitoring of RA: nras.org.uk/about_rheumatoi...

If it is osteoarthritis you have then it may be worth contacting a charity called Arthritis Care who have lots of information about all the different forms of arthritis, including osteoarthritis: arthritiscare.org.uk/Home

Often osteoarthritis is simply referred to as 'arthritis' which can cause some confusion, but it is important to find out which type of arthritis you have as the treatments are very different.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline

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Thank you so much. I was on some kind of medicine for arthritis for years then one day I went to the drug store to pick it up and they told me the insurance stopped paying for it and she had to stop every ones.

Later I found out it caused some kind of cancer. I have had nothing for arthritis since then but I do have pain medicine for all of my pain . I do have a cast for my left arm and hand that I can take off and on to administer heat that helps my left arm. As an older lady told me years ago I need pain pills for my right knee, left hand and a big one for the rest of my body., Bless her heart. lol

Thank you I will try this,


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