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DLA ??

I applied for DLA as I have osteo necrosis in both my feet, had an operation on my left foot back in march,still healing . I was diagnoised with Ra 2 years ago.

DLA has refused my claim as they say I can walk for 50 metres. I can but I am in pain when I walk.

They havent even contacted my GP or Consultant.

I know some days I am worse than others but every day my feet hurt.

They say if there is anything else I can tell them ??

Should I write again to them ??

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Yes yes and yes. You must appeal about the decision. Get a letter from your dr and add that to the list as well as one from yiu rheumy too. best of luck sylvi.xx


Hello Sylvi, I sent letters from my consultant with my diagnosis.

I will write to them again . I have just been to the shop on the bus walked for about 15 mins now I am in doors for the rest of the day til my feet ease up the pain.

I am seeing my consultant tomorrow so will speak to him.




it is getting very hard to get DLA, i have RA OA and GOUT in my feet i have been refused 3 times now waiting to go to appeal. i have been fighting this for 16 months now, i cant do everyday things cant cook a meal, get up and down the stairs with out terrible pain, getting in and out the bath is a 2 hour trip. the thing that really gets to me i know people that have DLA that live a normal life. the system is all wrong !!! thats my maon for the day x


Hello Sandy, there was a real good blog on here a while back that suggested that when you fill in your form, you write everything as it is on your worst day and go into the really awful details of personal care that we all know is beyond us when we are in a flare.

Tell your consultant how poorly you feel and how difficult life is and do go to the citizens advice bureau for help in completing the appeal form.

I am currently trying to get a blue badge to help me park and i can't get anyone to fill out my confirmation of medical complaint, each professional sends me to another and i got fed up so have left it for awhile. It is very frustrating trying to get these things sorted

But like Gerri said above it is very difficult to get financial help for disabilities - i work with people who have brain injury and quite a few of them who really need this for both personal care and getting about have been taken off it - one guy who had a tumour at 28 which left him partially blind and with both physical and cognitive disabilities got turned down because in his own words he was too positive about his life.

I really feel distraught when people who really need dla get turned down, the majority of people who claim it have real problems and need help, so go get some help from the CAB, get support from your medical people and appeal. Good luck.


Remember that you only have one month from the date of the decision ... and have a look at this very good site :

This gives you details of the whole appeal process ..

When you appeal you need to give reasons such as you didn't think they took into account all the evidence , That you can walk 50 metres but are in immense pain etc, that you cannot cook a meal for yourself from fresh ingredients etc

Normally, when you appeal, this forces the DWP to reconsider the decision AND contact the Health care professionals you named on your DLA form .

As the guide above states evidence can be from a diary that you have kept , and from friends and family who see the struggles you are having

Definitely visit an advice centre .

Good Luck



lv found this site is good for advice.on how to do things plus you cant google just write"i.g best way to fill so n so form" NEVER put in with the being l can! always paint your bleak, because your not lying RA is a horriable thing to have it lunks you into thinking things are getting better then kicks when the sun dont shine so to speak


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