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Back at school with homework


First thing, I got turned down once more for DLA. They say I can walk, without being seen by them how do they know. They said they were going to have a word with my consultant. I am seeing him next month so I will be having word also.

Went on the course has I mentioned last week. It was good to meet other people face to face in the same predicament as myself. Got given some homework. Read a few sections in a book they gave us and a task to motivate us. Learned how to control pain with distraction. All said and done, very good. See want next weeks brings.

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Oh sorry about the dla but don't give up.

What's the course I must have missed what's going on x

I am due to start a rheumatiod arthritis patient course next week


Hi Beep - that's a blow about the DLA, I am wondering whether to bother, but let's not give up eh?

Your course sounds like the same one I attended down here in north Devon. It is good to meet people face to face with the same difficulties. You should get loads of benefit from it - I did.

Take care

Julie xx


Hi Beep, I'm sorry about the DLA also but like Julie said don't give up. I did a similar course, the pain management one, they all seem to focus on similar things. Sounds good though and they can be very helpful, keep us updated.

Take care

mand xx


How do you find out about course

Beep, can you appeal against being turned down?


Lavender has done a great blog on dla!, and she or maybe richard from Nras could possibly help you with an appeal..?

I was turned down but havent appealed !I can walk short distances with sticks bit it is a huge effort it was my mum offering to buy me at 46 what I could consider to be a much older persons device! a push along trolley!!, which has made me keep going with walking!.. I have been having hydro to help with wallking they have re trained me i was walking toe heel rather than heel toe!!. and like a duck!.. well as I cant bend toes on either foot probably why?


Beeper, have a look at my blog on DLA. You can ask for written reasons for the turn down but do it within 28 days of the date of your turn down letter. Once you have the written reasons, go and see your local CAB branch for assistance. But don't delay as time limits are very tight and if you are going to appeal following receiving the written reasons you still only have the 28 days + 14 days from the original decision.

Suggest you get a report now from your GP and ring your consultant to ask him for his report as well. These will definitel be needed for the appeal. It is always worth challenging the decision - the DWP don't always get it right first time and are often overturned on appeal.

LavendarLady x


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