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Transfer from DLA to PIP

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Since the DWP have already stated all existing DLA claimants will be invited to claim PIP by October 2017, I was wondering how many of you that receive DLA haven't been invited to apply for PIP yet?

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i havent had any invite yet.....

Everyone means everyone and there wont be any that has DLA will not be invited, unless they of a certain age and they will transfered across lol

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BoneyC in reply to Philip

I wasn't in any doubt I would be invited, just wondering when, and how many others hadn't heard yet.

I am 61 and I was sent mine for November 16, still waiting to hear following face to face.

PIP was my first benefit so the changeover hasn't affected me though I am following it with interest. I'm not sure there's any up to date Government info, the initial timetable has been withdrawn & as far as I can see hasn't been replaced which isn't helpful at all, you need the latest info, it's all very unsettling, I know if it was affecting me I'd want to be kept in the link.

This is the timetable that was released by Disability Rights UK back in 2015 though I have read that it's expected to take a further year at least so won't be realistic. I've also read that it's expected to take around 3 years or even 4 instead of the expected 2, the reasons for this are explained here Therefore the expected completion date of Sept 2017 has been extended to be around 2018/19. Not particularly helpful I appreciate but it does give an indication that you may be one of those who may not hear for a little while yet. Lack of definitive info is making a lot of people uneasy, which is completely understandable & in my book not at all acceptable.

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BoneyC in reply to nomoreheels

Thanks, I've been a member of B&W on and off since I was working, but haven't read about any updates to the PIP rollout schedule. I've been expecting to be invited for a while, but it seems they have a large backlog of claims and appeals to deal with - maybe that's why they are avoiding me for the moment, given my ESA fiasco!

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nomoreheels in reply to BoneyC

I omitted to give the link to Disability Rights timetable, apols but it's here

I've since found a little more info from about when some of those in receipt of DLA will be invited to claim PIP.

"Your DLA ends before September 2017

You’ll be told 20 weeks before your DLA ends and invited to claim PIP

Contact the Disability Benefits helpline if your DLA payment is due to end in the next 4 weeks and you haven’t received a letter about making a new claim."

Copied from this link

Hope these help?

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BoneyC in reply to nomoreheels

Thanks for the link. I'm on "lifetime award/open-ended" DLA, so I could be invited to apply for PIP at anytime, there's just no way of knowing.

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oKerrio in reply to BoneyC

Good luck I was also indefinite/life time award..... I was born with Spina Bifida and also have RA apparently according to PIP I’m not sick enough! It’s a joke!

I haven't yet been 'invited.'

I'm still receiving DLA and not looking forward to the fight for PIP. I need every penny of that - and more - because having various disabilities is so expensive. Initially, I got a letter saying it would be 2016 but obviously it was delayed. My DLA award ends in April 2018 anyway.

My Dad went for his PIP assessment December 2016 due to his rheumatoid arthritis had to go in a wheel chair as had a big flair up and struggled to do the movements that they wanted to see i.e coulndnt straighten his elbows. long story short they do lie on the assessments so if you are not happy with the outcome challenge it as i said they do LIE

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BoneyC in reply to johncollins

Thanks, hope your dad receives a fair outcome. I experienced a DWP "lie" on my ESA claim back in 2012, resulting in MP writing to them & successful claim for compensation from DWP.

I have a letter from DWP, If you reach 65 on or after 8 April 2013 don't need to claim P.I.P. , You'll continue to get D.L.A. as long as your circumstances don't change

I hope this helps.


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BoneyC in reply to Philip

Thanks, I was aware of that but I'm early 50's.

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Philip in reply to BoneyC

That's fair enough,

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ladyabosso in reply to Philip

Hi Philip, Interested in your comment. As far as I was aware(pardon my ignorance) if you were not 65 by the set date of April 2013, then you would be asked to claim PIP to replace your DLA benefit. In April 2013 I was 62 and now I have reached the grand old age of 67 in November this year, I am still waiting to hear. Have they changed their minds on their ruling since originally published? Thank you, Linda

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Ajay575 in reply to ladyabosso

Hi yet it was 65 a d over on 8th April 2012 or born before 8th April 1948 you are safe .if not it is a nightmare for us all .probaly anytime between now and next 2 to 3 years it is only delays and disabled and lifetime awards last and this nightmare universal credit also holding it up a bit

Hi Linda, there has been a lot of changes and my understanding is fading away with my Dementia, Have a look at the Gov website or put this question on to the main board because there are lots of lovely members who know these things inside and out,I think there are 1/2 advice buttons on it.

wonderful people on here that can answer your

questions or

Still haven't been invited are they still calling people?

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oKerrio in reply to hazeln

Good luck I was also indefinite/life time award on DLA..... I was born with Spina Bifida and also have RA apparently according to PIP I’m not sick enough! It’s a joke!

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nomoreheels in reply to hazeln

Hiya hazeln. If your DLA is for a fixed period then towards the end of the term you'll receive a letter from the DWP inviting you to claim for PIP. So, say it was awarded in 2012 & it was for 7 years you won't hear from them until a few months before it ends in 2019. When was your DLA awarded & for how long?

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