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Help filling in a DLA form

does any one know where i can get help to fill out my DLA form in Birmingham Walsall area please :) xx

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Contact your local CAB and they will complete it for you, allow a couple of hours for the visit, they will take a copy for their records and will give you a copy alongside the orginal. Good Luck.xx


thank you georje xxx


also When u contact them make sure you let be aware of your deadline date, so they know you need to have an appointment asap,

Hope that Helps too


thankyou joy xx


CAB is really good - when you phone for an appointment tell them that its the DLA form you want help with and they should put you onto the disability welfare advisor.

Also, if you haven't done so, phone DLA and ask for a paper form (even if you are going to do it online). That way they backdate your claim to the date you asked for the form, whereas if you just do it online they only backdate it to when you submit it.

Also, when it is filled out, make sure you keep a copy (just in case an appeal is needed).


Thankyou really helpful :)



I would contact social care team and ask for a welfare rights officer appointment. I have done this twice now and both times have been awarded higher rate mobility and care. i have never even had to go for a medical. They really know how to answer the questions and you can help by getting as much info in the form of letters from gp ect, to back up your claim. Remember to put your claim in within the the dates dwp give you for claiming . Good luck


how do i get the number for them thank you for your help :) xx


Hi again,

If you life in Walsall area then the best place to start is the civic centre , ask for contact details of welfare rights officers.

The civic number is Telephone 01922 650000

I will try and find other details .


Got it

The Welfare Rights Service

Walsall Council

1st Floor Dartmouth House



Enquiry line 01922 627247

Fax 01922 642195


Hope this helps, if you live in a different area then just let me know.

Might be an idea to build up contacts details for across the country for us all as it is only going to get harder to get help.

All the best



Hi keith,

thank you for the info i will call them you are all a great help with so much information and support given i am so glad i found you all wouldnt be without this site now. :)

Reply is an excellent website. Some stuff can be viewed without being a member, but the best stuff is available to members only. Membership is about £19 but they often give discount for subsequent years. Helped me enormously.



Thank you for the info i will have a look at it , you've been a great help.:)


Contact your local DIAL office, my local office in Northamptonshire were amazing. The guy completed it for me. I had done a dummy and showed it to him, he said I would never get it as I had answered the questions with good and bad day answers. I got DLA at the first attempt.


Thankyou i will look it up for my area. really helpful :)


Thank you all took your advice i have requested apaper form yesterday over the phone and decided to ring welfare rights service to give this ago thank you keith for this info . But thank you all for your input really appreciated . i will let you all know how i get on. :)) xxx lena


Hi Ludlow and all

Just thought that I would add that NRAS produce a self help guide to completing the DLA form which you can download from this link:

The booklet also contains contact details for other sources of help or call the NRAS helpline on 0800 298 3969 to discuss this.

Kind regards



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