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Dentures or no dentures part 2?

Ok so had appointment with new dentist.

She was on the ball re R.A. And said it is the MTX that is causing the holes in my teeth.

Have to have 6 fillings !!!!

She tested my jaw and said to be sure not to open my mouth too wide ( is she saying I have a big mouth?) no, seriously RA can affect the jaw and also not to clamp down too hard on my teeth.

I am much re-assured by her and will have the fillings and NO DENTURES,,,,

Another thing is that as I am on thyroxine I should be using s special toothpaste that she will get for me next week.

Hope this info may be of help to others,

X jan

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Hi Jan,

Thanks for this useful info.

I've been getting trouble with my jaw lately and am on thyroxine, mtx and etanacept. My teeth are always a problem so I would be interested to know what the special toothpaste is and whether it is on prescription. (free for us on thyroxine).



Will let you know next week ..... X jan


hi jan , its funny , but since i have been on mtx, [beg of may], i have started getting toothache, mainly for the first few days after i take the mtx, then it calms down a bit, then it starts again when i take the next lot, i have already got fillings, so i thought it was because they needed to be done again,, but i swear tiny bits of tooth are coming away, think i need to see the dentist, [more money ] thank you for the information, sue x


My rheumatologist certainly didn't tell me about the teeth needing a constant check.

They are probably keeping quiet about it because, obviously, the thing to do would be to get us all on a NHS dentist so we could benefit from cheapish,, good treatment.

I hope someone somewhere is writing a paper on this problem,

Cheers for now, Jan


Wow Jan 6 fillings, that's a bit daunting but good that it can be sorted for you. I've been on Thyroxine for about 22yrs and have never been told about special toothpaste so Id be really grateful for information about why its needed and what it is. Time to do some googling I think. Good luck with the fillings.

Paula x


Hi all, I'm on a special toothpaste too, it is called Clinpro 5000. It has 1.1% Sodium Fluoride (Tri-Calcium Phosphate) that helps my teeth not get cavities. I rarely had cavities before I developed Sjogrens, but I've had 6 cavities since. Unfortunately, this toothpaste is $20 for only 4 oz, so I use it sparingly. It's a good flavor, Vanilla Mint.

Good luck, Jan.


Thanks for info, will check if available in UK.

Cheers jan


But do you want extra Fluoride toothpaste if you have thyroid problems..... shouldn't it be the other way round so a toothpaste with no fluoride?? Px


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