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Hello all. I have been on Bologicials now for about 18 month or there abouts. In that time I have been having problems with my teeth. My left jaw has been effected with rhumatoid disease almost from the beginning and I put any pain in my mouth down to that. But I have noticed my teeth actually crumbling. I have lost three fillings in the space of a year and recently a part of a otherwise healthy tooth simply fell out! I am suffering tooth ache ever since.

My dentist has been treating me since I started my journey down the rheumatoid road and has always been concerned about these drugs. Unfortunately, he has since left the town and I am going to see my new dentist for the first today so maybe he will be able to offer some new information. Does anyone else have any problems with their teeth? Please let me know if you do.

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Hello Jeanabelle,

I'm so sorry that you are having such problems with your teeth. I've been on biologics (3 different ones) for getting on for 10 years now and to the best of my knowledge they haven't affected my teeth. However, I have had problems with my teeth - not crumbling as you describe, but significan pain with no obvious cause. The dentist explained to me that the tendons and ligaments which join the teeth to the jaw can become inflamed but I don't think that would cause teeth to crumble.

Do you have a dry mouth - either secondary to the RA or to some of the drugs? I have secondary Sjogrens which causes a severely dry mouth and I know from the dentist that can cause a real problem in terms of tooth decay - although I have, so far, been lucky on that score. I'm guessing that if you do, you and your dentist would be aware of it, so maybe that's not the case, but just a thought.

I did read a post a while back on here from someone who was on Rituximab (I think it was Ritux) and had developed extremely sensitive teeth which she thought may be due to the drug. Rituximab is my current biologic and I have never had tooth pain before so maybe there is some connection somewhere.

The only other thing I can think of is calcium levels - which may not be relevant. But I wonder if you have ever had your blood calcium levels checked and whether, if they were low, that could make your teeth crumble? I could be way off the mark there .....

Sorry I'm not sure if this is of any help, but I really hope your new dentist can help you to get to the bottom of things.

Thinking of you.



Tilly is right. RA can be associated with Sjogren's. This can mean you don't produce enough saliva. Saliva protects our teeth to some degree.

A dentist can assess the dryness or otherwise of your mouth.

I have these problems and have fluoride toothpaste on prescription. Plus mouth wash, mouth gel, salivex pastilles.

Hope your new dentist can help you.


Dear Phoebe, can you tell me the names of your fluoride toothpaste & mouthwash etc. I have the same problems & didn't know these were available on prescription. My GP is quite helpful but always asks for the names of products.


The Dental hospital started me off with Biotene products. Mouth gel, mouth wash and toothpaste. These went on my repeat prescription with the GP. Then my dentist switched my toothpaste to Duraphat 2800 ppm as it has higher a fluoride content. The Biotene increases your saliva, and the toothpaste strengthens your teeth. Salivex pastilles are good for saliva, but actually, sugar free gum is useful too.


Thanks for your responses, they were helpfull. I don't think I have Sjogrens Disease, I would know if I did.

I Am just back from the dentist and talked with him about the problems I'm having, unfortunate due to my jaw being slightly deformed due the the rheumatoid he couldn't examine the back of my mouth on the lest side. My jaw just won't allow my mouth to open enough for a proper exam. He has suggested that I request a visit to the Oral Health Dept in my local hospital. Until I see them to find out what they can do for me I can't get anything done with my teeth.......So I know as much now as I did this morning....I'll keep you informed.....thanks again for the replays, i do appreciate them. X


Yup, I've had 4 Absesses at one time, had to have the 4 teeth removed, teeth crumbling, crowns be careful....but still best to take the MTX


Thanks's frightening isn't it? These drugs have allowed me to do so many things that I couldn't do before and in fact thought I would never be able to do again.....but the problems with my teet really bother me.

As it turned out when I went to my dentist he wasn't able to to anything as I couldn't open my jaw enough for him to do anything. I have the disease in my left jaw. So he is sending me to a dental surgeon to see if there is anything that can be done......massage, exercises and if need be surgery.

So it's an ongoing saga.....I'll keep you up to date.....


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