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went to see my lovely rheumy yesterday. I am a bit of a query re rheumatoid. my inflammatory markers are raised and I also have pain but I do not have any deformity or redness to joints, so I am difficult to diagnose. I have been tried on hydroxychloroquine for 4 months but did not notice any difference. I have been prescribed celecoxib to see how that works (i'm a bit worried re the side effects of heart and stroke problems) she did a chest x-ray yesterday and talked about methotrexate which also scares me.

i wondered if anyone on this site was difficult to diagnose and would appreciate some feedback. at the moment i feel very worried and confused. xx

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  • I'm wondering if by prescribing a NSAID (celecoxib) they are wanting to rule out one of the forms of spondyloarthritis, like psoriatic arthritis - NSAIDs work a lot better on spondy than DMARDs do, so if you did get a lot of relief from the celecoxib, but little or none from the hydroxy, then that might point to a slightly different type of inflammatory arthritis.

  • thank you. x

  • Yes, I was apparently difficult to diagnose (though frankly I think if they'd listened to me sooner and better, it would have been less difficult for them!) I was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome and osteoarthritis about 3 years ago, then needed a hip replacement 2 years ago, at 48, which is unusually young. I developed all sorts of inflammatory problems which got worse and worse, but it was hard to get the rheumy to pay much attention at first. He initially dx fibromyalgia and OA, but then a hand ultrasound showed synovitis and erosions, and finally I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in November, and started on hydroxy. This caused a psoriasis flare, and my dx changed to PsA in Feb... I have been on etoricoxib for a few years and I'm now on methotrexate too, and feeling much better...

  • oh dear you have been through a lot. hope your feeling much better now. did you feel any better on the hydroxyl.

    I had a chest x-ray the other day with a view to starting methotrexate. I feel quite scared starting this, it made my friend very sick. did the etoricoxib help. I worry about all the side effects. I am really pleased that you are feeling much better. take care xxx

  • I was only on the hydroxy for about 3 months. I wouldn't have been prescribed it if my dx had been PsA at the start, because it's known to make psoriasis worse for some people, and it did for me. It may have helped, but I'm not sure because I then transferred to mtx. I was v scared of the mtx too. It did make me nauseous, but other than that I have had no side effects, and I feel so much better otherwise that I reckoned it was worth it! Still, when I mentioned the nausea to the rheumy nurse, she increased my folic acid and suggested a switch to injectable mtx - which is much easier than I expected! I now have v little nausea and generally feel like I'm improving. :) Hope it works for you too!

  • i'm so glad for you x

  • Hi I too have had very similar problems lots of pain

    and stiffness some swelling from time to time in my knees and hands but when the swelling subsides I'm pretty much back to normal, apart from the fatigue, I mostly have pain in my hip and shoulders and sometimes feet but no swelling. I also have raised markers My Rhueamatolagist has diagnosied Paladromic Rheumatism which is rheumatism that comes and goes but apparently doesn't damage the joints . However in some cases it can develop Into full blown RA but can also just run its cause. I am currently taking Hydroxchloquine but not really seen any signs of relief as yet. Hope this helps


  • hi Maureen, thanks for your reply. yes it has been very helpful. what do you take to help the pain.

    I also have pain in my shoulders, my left one keeps getting calcification in it, I have had 3 operations for this. also my right hip had made a lot of calcification, I had surgery to remove it about 6 months ago, this has really helped.

    I agree the fatigue to me is the worst. I hope you start to improve soon xx

  • Hi I take cocodamol 30/500 or Naproxen which I only take if I really need it as I suffer with gastric problems so don't really like to take it. I find the cocodamol helps. If you don't mind me asking what is calcification as I'm not sure what that is. Iv only recently been diagnosed so it's all pretty new me.

  • hard to explain. calcium is in the bones. I make extra which gets between my joints causing pain and restricted movement. when I had it removed from my hip the consultant said there was large hard bit then behind this was like toothpaste. hope this helps. x

  • Wow I must say never heard of that but it makes sense.

  • Sorry didn't finish my reply pressed wrong button. Anyway I have suffered with kidney stones and they were due to calcium. I'm intrigued as to what causes these calcium problems. Thanks so much for the info let us know how things go. I don't see my Rheumatoligist for another couple of months will see how I go with the hydroxychloroquine


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