YIKES-letter from rheumatologist

I had a letter today from my rheumatologist. When I went to clinic back in June I saw her registrar. Not really sure what he put down. I am in the process of claiming on an ill health insurance I have. It kicks in after being off for 6 months. She has obviously had to do a report on me and says in doing so it has brought my current position to her attention. She states I may benefit from having methotrexate injections as opposed to the tablets-not sure why though. She is also asking me if I would like her to refer me to the orthopaedic surgeons about the base of my thumb. I think I will take her up on that. The letter was totally unexpected, but I am pleased she is taking note of my symptoms. I was a bit disappointed not to have seen her. Hopefully with that and the B12 injections I will feel better than I am now. Who knows, I may be back at work before i know it.


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  • Don't be too hasty about the work thing. Let a bit of time pass and see what happens with your rheumy and see how the treatments work. It was lovely of the registar has passed on your details at least you know she is seeing them.

    Good luck, sylvi.xx

  • what a good letter it could be the start of real progress, sometimes these countless reports that have to be filled in lead to positive results.

  • Oh that is good news. Like Sylvi says don't rush about work. See how you get on first with the appointments and injections. Xx Angie

  • Good news, its great when u get something positive from the docs. Try to enjoy the rest and if ur strong enough for work its great to et the benefit of cash and company but if not don't rush back until you are I think!!! Hugs Axx

  • Thanks all. Think the idea of work is really just wishful thinking. Trying to remain positive, but realistically realise I won't be going back. There is no way I could cope with the stress. Today is a bad day, got up and went to the hairdressers but come home and am shattered, headache, red eye and throbbing face.. have just tried ringing to speak to the rheumatology nurse re injections and only had the answerphone, so will try later. xx

  • Just got off the phone to the rheumy secretary. Mentioned what the rheumatologist had said in the letter about mtx injections. She told me there is a 2 month waiting list to see the rheumy nurse about them!!!

  • Could he not just advise the GP by letter to do them for you at the surgery. Dont know if its possible but it might save time (and pain) Axx

  • Thats what I thought Allanah. I am going to take the letter with me when I go to the surgery on Monday and will ask then. Heres hoping. xxx

  • OMG! That's terrible. Could you ask the Rheumy consultant to put a rush order on the injectable? Otherwise you will have atleast 8 more weeks of swallowing pills that are not working well enough! Gotta push a little sometimes! L>xxx

  • I know. Having B12 injections at surgery next week. Think I will ask them if they can do anything. Apparently the rheumy nurse has been called over to the main hospital to work in day hospital. Not good for those of us who need her. xx

  • Well, good luck, I hope it works out well for you, sooner! L>

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