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HI all as you know im on me own with this thing no docs SO DONT KNOW AS MUCH AS YOU GUYS

well i wonder what happend from yesterdays push walk round the block

well last night i lay on the couch after tea and me wattery knees dried up i could feel them going drying out and my feet whent from being cold to warm again but still hurt the pair of them.

this morning my arm was numb that i lyed on and me back was sort of drying out bone.

and hand where a bit stiff

also me bum that i sit on seemed dryed out cos their is not much on it now ha ha

im still looking for a bit of remission or what ever its called

walked up and down outside knee starts filling with fluid again and ankle goes sore again

its like a merry go round of problems at the moment

but i phone yesterday when am i seeing the knee specialist again and got an appointment for the 10 of oct


maybe it was the brufen that dried things out dont know .

does enyone get any groin ache with walking or is it the mussles that are not beeing used as much as they could

when i whent for me little walk round the block i fopund cos i hate slanted pavments i walk on the road cos its flatter.

I am a bit of a miter on this site but people seem to know more than me about the symptoms.

GIVE ME 2 DAYS REMISSION OR WHAT EVER AND I WILL BE A HAPPY BUNNY instead of feeling like joints dont want to do what i tell them.


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Hello! did you mean to sound so funny! :) for being in so much pain, you sound very jolly, thanks for making me smile!


no mate thats how it is but ya got to laugh 5 months from being fit and now all this from one knee that whent down at the swimming pool

always kept me quads strong then this all happened

hands mate swelled at joints within 3 days i thought whats these got to do with me knees didnt know what was happening

thought it was me imagination till they hurt with all the lumps on knuckles.


John when you say dried out do you mean no swelling and swollen when their wet? lol

If so then sitting with your feet up in the evening is really good to get the swelling down.

Glad you got your appointment sorted out, at least Oct isn't that far off now. As for the groin pain it could be arthritis in the hips or as you say muscles that's not used to working.

2 days pain free would be fantastic for me to, the only time it eases is when I dope up on Tramadol every few hours but that's no good for driving. lol

Hope the appointment goes well and you get some answers.

Beth x


hi beth

i mean no watery substance in the knee you can feel your system sort of drying it out this morning had no feeling in the worst knee at the front till i moved around

then felt like one foot was going to right and the other following it

the appointment is only the knee specialist dont hold out to much hope on him finding anything but then you never know

going of the mri said only minimul ware on the inside of the worst knee. but it does feel like me patellas are not tracking proper now.

been taking those med given a bit groggy in a morning but them are only 10 strength thats not a lot

regards hips i suppose im still compensating for the worst knee walking over on me left one more even though i try not to that must be doing my feet

and i still keep getting ringing in my ears

if it wasnt for the worst leg ankle i would feel a lot safer walking.


Hi, I think pain in the groin area is down to RA (also have problems with my lower back, hips, knees and ankles). Only thing I've found helps is tramadol (from GP) and a steroid injection from rheumy team.



thanks judy

i think your right see above

how bad are your ankles do they feel swelled mine are killing me with feet after i do a bit of walking


Feet and ankles yes, they are swollen (the lefts the worst) I feel like I'm plodding not walking sometimes. They're not too bad when I'm just sitting and try in the afternoon to rest on the bed which helps. If I have problems with them (knees/ankles/feet) during the night I wrap a cold wettish towel around them with a bath towel underneath which I find helps. Sitting with feet / ankles in a bowl of coolish water helps as well during the day - helps to take down some swelling and eases the pain.



sometimes my feet go cold sometimes they are warm

just been up to our caravan and did well a little bit of walking about i/2 mile a day

come home today feet red hot and left ankle feels like it going to pop out

and i keep compensating to the better leg which hurts me back bottom

all this since end of april after a swimming session i can hardley belive it

hand have had another go today also

how long did yours take to come on im trying to find out how fast peoples came on i thought it took years for ra to come on.

and me blood tests are showing up zero nowt their.


Hi john what do you mean by Your bloods show zero nowt there, do you mean they don't show the ra factor if so what are your ESR and CRP readings did your doctor tell you??


hi thanks for reply

no bloods dont show any rumatoid their

ESR AND CRP didnt tell me but they are withinn normal limits


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