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NOW THEN! (In a northern accent)

I havent written anything on here in a long long time so I should probably fill you in on whats been going on.

Lets start with my health.. Ive finally had my MRI scan on my knee. That was at the end of July so the results should be ready and waiting for me as soon as I go for my next consultation. I had a letter through the post the other day for an appointment to see an Orthopeadic Surgeon so if anything does need to be done to my knee then it should happen fairly quickly.

Ive been feeling quite well recently. I get the odd aches and pains here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. I have been feeling quite tired however I think thats as a result of me being so active and doing so much during the day because I feel so well.

Ive finally got a physiotherapy appointment! Ever since turning the magical age of 18, all of the services that I used originally, e.g. physio, orthotics etc have all stopped as I have to be transferred to be an adult. There was a big 'hoo-haa' about me not being able to get some physio but it looks like that problem could be sorted now. The only downside to the situation is that the physio appointments are gonna be in hospital 50mins away from where I live, even though there is a hospital right next to where I live, but thats another story..

Now for me to fill you in on what Ive been up to.. I went away for 2 weeks at the beginning of August and absolutely loved every minute of it! I went with my family to the South of France just near Nice and St Tropez and the weather was lush! It reached 42.5 degrees (yes you read that correctly) one day that we were there, which made it a bit too hot to sit on the beach or by the pool. It was great spending 2 weeks away from normal home life. I didnt think once about a hospital appointment, I didnt stress about my medicines, I just chilled. I exercised everyday whilst I was there, ate like a pig and tried to get the best tan possible - I loved it!

Im still with my boyfriend :) <3 Weve been together just over 3 months now and Im still super happy. Hes finally found a job after applying for soooo many and has started renting a flat, the only downside is though that hes gonna be working/living in Blackpool :( Its only a 2hr drive from where I live so Im planning on going and seeing him. Im gutted that hes leaving (he leaves the end of this week) but Im super happy for him at the same time. Ive got uni to be focusing on so Ill be kept busy a lot of the time so seeing him will be even more special. Ive never ever been to Blackpool before though so Im excited to see whats there!

Ill be starting my 2nd year of Uni at the beginning of October. I cant believe how fast this year has gone and how much has happened. My sister got her GCSE results the other week and she did amazingly well, and is off to her first day of college on Monday. I feel so old though because its the same college I went to! Im so happy and proud of her though :)

Mum and Dad are fine and are pottering on as usual. I think Im keeping them on their toes at the moment with all this going out, socialising and having a boyfriend lark. We have had our differences about certain things lately but I know theyre just looking out for me and I respect that. I dont think I could ask for better/more supporting parents!

All in all life is pretty good at the moment and Im really hoping its gonna stay that way for a while. I think the only thing that would make me even happier at the moment would be some good weather! BRING BACK SUMMER!!

I hope everyone else is doing well and feeling okay.

Keep smiling,

Em :) x

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Em, what a lovely blog. I am so pleased to hear that you are still with your boyfriend,see there are some lovely men out there who see passed the ra.

I'm with you on the weather front as well,if only it would shine. It is going to be a long winter this year.

I hope you carry on on this even keel and i wish you the best for your second year at uni.



hi Em

Great summer eh, wish it could stay forever. We went to Greece, unpacked and packed again and went to V fest then unpacked and packed again and went to Leeds festival and it was all amazing!!! The heat definitely helped my joints. I am also being transferred to James Cook so hope I dont have any hassle over physio, oh and i eventually got my pension!! So no stress at the moment. Katy got A's and B's in her baccaulaureat so we are very pleased and she gets more next year.

Shame your guy going away to study but when i met my hubby he was in Middlesbrough and i was in Glasgow and we managed to keep it going, so good luck xxxx

love to your lovely mum and dad, tell them to give me a ring when they are free!! Axxx


Lovely blog Em - well done on all fronts! Tilda x


Remember the old adage Em, absent makes the heart grow fonder! I can speak from experience, I am from Somerset and my husband from Surrey. We met at my first wedding and then again at my cousins, by which time I was alone, but not divorced. Our relationship carried on this way for another two years before I moved to London, only seeing each other once a fortnight. Although our Anniversary is in August we will be celebrating 35 years this October by another Cruise.

So take heart and the very best of luck, sweat and hard work for another year at Uni, but most of all have fun!!


Hi Em,

Lovely to hear you are getting on well and in lurve, nothing better! Poor mum & dad, I know how they feel, as have a 21, 24, & 26 year old, they are all in relationships, but I love the additional company, we usually get together on a Sunday for dinner :) lots of inappropriate snogging in front of mum & dad, but I love to see them happy.

Stay happy no matter what the knee news is. I am waiting on news of my left ankle had MRI recently and to see surgeon next week, have a nagging hip pain too, ugh never ending lol.

xx Gina.


Oh Em, what a wonderful, uplifting blog! Don't change a thing, you are managing very well.

Blessings to you and the guy, these kind of relationships often last a very long time, like forever! Just be sure you finish your University classes and not be tempted to run off and get married and loose out on your career plans. That's what Mum and Dad are worried about.

All the best to you, girl. the extra effort will pay off in time. Take care of YOU! Loretxx


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