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part 2 of Am I having a baby or is it just wind !!

I hope you are all refreshed and ready for lesson 2 in spinal probs.

yesterday afternoon I was sat quiet ( not much option) when I started to get spasms from my spine down my thighs and into my legs then ankles, these were happening every 3 / 4 minutes; I phoned hubs told him said this might be it, phoned the doctor and was told to take another of the nerve suppressants I told her no way could I take the gabepentin as I wouldn't wake up so agreed to take anothe 25 mg of amytriptylene, that now makes it 100mg a day. I did as she said an made a cup of ginger lemon and ginseng tea and waited, gradually i could feel the spasms shortening and then they were gone; i know all that was happening was the nerve endings were being suppressed but you know I don't care all I want is to stop hurting. Now in part 1 I told you about the nervous system and it's telegraph system.

Here's part 2.

With spinal stenosis, nerves can become compressed, either within the spinal cord, or as the spinal nerves exit the spinal cord. Compression of these nerves leads to the common symptoms experienced by people who have spinal stenosis. When the nerves are compressed, abnormal signals are sent to and from the brain, or sometimes the signals don't get past the area of compression. Therefore, patients with spinal stenosis may experience pain, numbness or weakness.

Who Gets S S ?

Spinal stenosis affects men and women equally, and most often is seen in people over the age of 50. People who have careers that are labor intensive are more prone to developing symptoms of spinal stenosis. The most common cause of spinal stenosis is arthritis of the spine and it is uncommon to find this condition in individuals younger than 30 years old.

What Causes S S

Spinal stenosis may be caused by a wide variety of conditions, all of which lead to a narrowing of the spinal canal. These conditions may be either acquired or inherited. Spinal stenosis can be caused from rheumatoid arthritis, a process that causes synovial leakage into the facets and can cause arthritic changes in the spine leading to nerve compression. Common changes of spinal arthritis include the formation of bone spurs, calcification of spinal ligaments, thickening of joint tissue due to chronic inflammation, and degeneration of the spinal disc. All of these changes narrow the space around the nerves, eventually leading to nerve compression.



•tingling, and


If the area of narrowing of the spine is in the cervical (neck) region, the symptoms are felt in the arms, and if the area of narrowing is in the lumbar (low back) the symptoms are felt in the legs.

Other symptoms may occur as a result of spinal stenosis. One particularly worrisome symptom is bowel or bladder dysfunction (inability to control urination or bowel movements). This can be a symptom of cauda equina syndrome, and should be treated as a medical emergency. Cauda equina syndrome may require immediate surgery to decompress (create more space) the area of the spine that is seriously affected by nerve compression.

So like expecting a baby I’ve got my bag packed, an extra supply of medication to take with me and a book which I’ll never get to read.

My biggest worry is cauda equine if the bladder and bowel get damaged and I end up wearing tena pads for the rest of my life.

But heyho, I’ll try to keep going until they give me the call to have it pinned and screwed together. or, have another day and night like yesterday and when I can't take any more make hubs drive me to Oxford JR hospital, and refuse to leave unless I get my spine operated on. Then of course i'll be off the Humira AGAIN for a few weeks, then if the RA decides to flare where will it attack me next time???? it only took 6 weeks of not having humira in April - May for the RA to attack my spine. So be careful don't ignore pain in your neck and back it could be serious.

pace your self

xTricia- Px

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Hi Tricia - have read both blogs. Thanks for all the information. I had no idea from spinal stenosis was. Really sorry that you are having so many problems. Can't begin to imagine what it must be like (although having a baby is a good analogy) to be in such pain and discomfort. Do hope it won't be long before something is done about it and you get some relief.

Like you I found the Gabapentin just doesn't suit. I slept for so long and kept dropping off and felt really ill with it, dizzy, nausea and feeling like a zombie. Must have my wits about me to drive and do my job.

Hope you get some good news soon. Thinking of you. LavendarLady xx


Thanks lavendar, I wondered what was happening to me with the gabapentin, I'd started on 100gr for 3 nights buiding to 300 gr at which point I could no longer function; I slept all day and night for 2 days, i couldn't drive, or cook scared to do it. So i binned them and started to feel better.

take care



Hi Tricia

I hope you get better soon , thank you for your information about spinal stenosis really helpful

take care katex


Hi katex

thanks I never really knew you could get RA in the spine, well you don't the synovial fluid leaks into the facet openings and the causes the discs to slip forward into the canal or backward causing the body to bend the other way, causing all sorts of damage.

take care



they will sort you.. they have to tell you the risks.. and as you going private.. they will be extra careful xx


No not private for op Ali,can't afford that; we paid for the Mri's and the 1st consultant, the rude one from Coventry, but as we've gone for 2nd opinion from JR I've seen the triage neuro specialist, 12th July and he's booked me for an op. which is an 8+week waiting list. ooooh! can I wait that long, more oramorph please!!!:) sorry Ali I promise to be sensible.




Hi Tricia-P. You could always ask that if they have a cancellation, they get you in earlier? Most consultants are happy to do that so that they don't get great gaps in their list.

Just to cheer you up, took Berry pup to the vet today to see the nurse. He is now just over 6 months, and is ready to be castrated. They will also clip his claws and take out a canine baby tooth which is very stubborn. He is booked in for the 9th August - poor little chap! (All 25 kilos of him). But can't take the risk of him going off after a female in heat either escaping over the fences or when out shooting etc. (although females in heat are not supposed to be brought out shooting but you always get one who thinks he knows it all!).

Anyway, have a word with the consultant's secretary - I 'm certain if they get someone dropping out they would let you know. Best wishes. LavendarLady x


eight weeks is good .. you are in the right.... shire... or rather county


Hi Tricia

Sorry to hear of all your troubles. It must be murder just waiting and waiting and wondering "is this it" when you have those warning signs. Must be like a ruddy death sentence. I do sympathise. I think the time is coming when you must say, well let's just go.... they will always send you home if they think it's not an emergency, but my lord if anyone needs an operation Tricia it's you. Your life is on hold until you get something sorted, well not just on hold, but in danger of becoming permanently worse.

Thinking of you chuck. I am a bit bunged up and busy at the moment with one thing or another. Problems outside of my health!!! As If!!

Speak soon.

Julie xxx


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