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It's me, I feel like I could be having a baby, sorry no it's my back.

Hi Everyone,

I've not been on line for a few days; and I notice the forum is getting very quiet, are we enjoying the sunshine thankfully or just bored of the site, in my case it's the the pain from my spine (spinal stenosis) it's really getting to me now and I'm ready to breakdown, I thought at one point last night that this was it off we go to JR Oxford as an emergency, but as I was humming and haaing whether this was IT (just like having first baby) I tell you the truth we have my bag packed and in the car, the sat nav set, if some of you remember I'm going to Oxford rather than our local hospital for this operation as the surgeon was a complete B naughty word.

So any way there I am sat on the throne "are the pains real or just the womb getting ready.:) In my case it's are the legs actually feeling weak with pins and needles, and do I have an urgent sense of wanting a wee. Or even I can’t wee. So hubs and I waited he was actually pacing like an expectant father, after an hour or so the pains wore off along with the pins and needles. I know that some of you have problems with your spine and I don’t want to bore you, but this condition shows how the brain acts and directs pain. See Julie 55 blog.

Spinal stenosis is a condition that is caused by a narrowing of the space surrounding the spinal cord or the spinal nerves. The spinal cord extends from the brain to the bottom of the spine. Along the spinal cord, spinal nerves exit the spine and extend to the rest of the body. Together, the spinal cord and spinal nerves perform two important functions:

•Sensory Information

Nerves pass messages from the body to the brain. The sensations we feel, including pain, pressure, vibration, and other sensations, are detected and passed through these spinal nerves, up the spinal cord, and to our brain.

•Motor Instructions

Nerves also send messages the other direction, from the brain to the body. These messages direct muscle functions, both voluntary and involuntary. The signals help us perform all functions from walking to breathing.

With spinal stenosis, these nerves can become compressed, either within the spinal cord, or as the spinal nerves exit the spinal cord. Compression of these nerves leads to the common symptoms experienced by people who have spinal stenosis. When the nerves are compressed, abnormal signals are sent to and from the brain, or sometimes the signals don't get past the area of compression. Therefore, patients with spinal stenosis may experience pain, numbness or weakness.

I've taken the last 2 paragraphs from web med as their explanation is better than mine.

I've been given all the opium drugs you could possibly want, and other medications normally used for people with epelepsy or brain diseases.

These do work but there's a side effect I don't wake up, the first lot I tried Gabepentin knocked me out for 2 days, no problem with my back or if there was I wasn't aware. I've cut this blog in half so I'm off to get the second half now, so make your tea have a biscuit then come back again --------- Please xTricia-Px

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Hi Tricia, have replied to your 2nd blog. I hadn't noticed the forum was quieter - I thought it was about the same for activity but perhaps people are away or doing other things. I have just come back from having my hair done, and layered so at least that looks tidy now.

Good luck. LL x


Hi Lavendar

It's always so nice having your hair done, I love it, and when they ask if you would like a scalp massage; heaven.




ooh tricia xx


Hi Ali

it's not so good chick, I'm starting to give up a bit and don't know whether just to go to Oxford and camp out till they did something, I can hardly walk now as the pain and nerve weakness is down my legs and to my ankles in both legs, my bruises are going down (info: I passed out with the pain a few days a go and fell over a dining chair broken and am black and blue) but the ever increasing probs with bladder and bowel are worrying and i'm not sure how long i can leave it.

Much love



Oh sweetheart. You are in such a bad way. Can you get hubby to have a chat with the GP to see if they can hurry things along? Have you got a wheelchair to help? You can borrow one from the Red X if needed. Do hope you get a date soon. Can you or hubby ring the consultant and chivvy him along a bit as well? Easier said than done I know but rather that, than you end up in A & E at your local hospital. Sometimes you just have to push and push to get results. Any chance you could go private? At least you could get in more quickly. All the best. Much Love LavendarLady xx


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