I never learn

What a week. Overdid it the other day cleaning the hob and oven and also polishing the copper kettle which sits on the hob cover as it was filthy,. My cleaner only wipes over the top of the hob cover. What with all the scrubbing (cleaning an oven is not my idea of fun!), - I also did the kitchen floor as well ably assisted by puppy dog Berry who kept trying to grab the mop - found I was quite exhausted and ached all over particularly my shoulders. So had to sit down for several hours with nurofen for company. Himself has had a rotten cold for the last 10 days and has been in the spare room coughing until last night. He has now passed it onto me and it really came out yesterday so had a bad night sneezing and coughing. Had to leave CAB early as felt so rotten. Haven't had my Enbrel because of the cold. Might take it later today but will see how I feel. Older lab Tilly for company during the night as Himself started coughing at 2 a.m. so went off to the spare room again. To cap it all, found Minniecat my Burmese had been sick everywhere this morning. What joy animals are.

Had a meeting on Tuesday evening with the new art group. We are going to meet once a fortnight to see how it goes starting in September. Not teaching but just enjoying painting and drawing and talking. We hope to get one or two local artists to come along and talk to us as well.

Then discovered Berry had dug up part of the membrane under the gravel so had to get the tools out and sort that out. Himself promptly disappeared off to work taking Tilly with him.

Tracy my cleaner is here busy hoovering. She is not as thorough as me - I don't think anyone is ever as thorough as doing it yourself but I can't. Just washing over the kitchen and hall tiles and hoovering downstairs finished me off for the day when she was away. Berry is on my feet - taking him to training classes later today - he has started his bronze kennel club certificate. Then will have to arrange for a visit to the vet to see about getting him neutered, then after that, gun dog training starts properly.

Plumbs came on Monday and fitted the new suite covers. Very pleased with them. They can be taken off and washed/cleaned.

Joints aching today but think that is the cold rather than the RA, particularly the wrists. Keep going hot and cold so clearly running a bit of a temperature. Don't know why anyone with RA keeps going down with everything - I suppose because your immune system is compromised .

Babysitting on Monday morning for my daughter in law as she has to go for a smear test and did not want an audience of two small interested people! She had a breast cancer scare recently but now found to be a benign lump but they are going to check her regularly. During her last pregnancy (with Matthew 3 1/2) she had pregnancy diabetes so is being regularly for that as well as it can lead on to full blown diabetes.

Sorry to bore you all rigid but needed to chat. LavendarLady

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Not boring Dotty, I am dead nosey so like hearing how other people get on. I should be careful about that housekeeping mularky, it's dangerous! :-)

Do you think young Tracy could pop over and hoover me up a bit?

Take cre

julie xx


Hi Julie, I am sure Tracy would be delighted to help but a bit too far for her to come I think. LL


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