RA It Never Rains But It Pours.Mattcass

For weeks i thought I had a trapped nerves in my hips but it got so painful I could not stand could not sit I was sent to get a x-ray and within 24hrs I was told I have severe arthritis in both hips now and will try and arrange for me to see a Rheumy Consultants, But surely it strengthens my case to get them to talk about the RA treatment that by-passes my lungs intravenously because they say that any operation would and could be very bad for me. Advised me to give up my work I said no way it's the only thing besides Fran and Mark that keeps me going. Matt

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  • I know where your coming from Matt my GP had made me an appointment to see the fast track chest pain clinic, because I have been having pain in my shoulders I put it down to the RA only to be told I have Angina awaiting an angiogram as if the RA wasn't enough to put up with.

    No bloody fun getting old.

  • Hi PB, i had an angiogram a month or two ago, it was quite amazing to see the screen with all the things going on inside, not too uncomfortable and fortunately I came the other side with no heart problems, I wish you the same outcome.


  • Hi Philip

    Thanks for the reply I to am hoping it's not so bad as my pain can come on at random times usually 10 Days apart and I can be at rest not doing any thing strenuous so here's hoping.


  • I was diagnosed with something called COAD, it is when you have inflammation in 3 or more joints in your chest that can cause symptoms of a heart attack, ie chest pains and other pains that mimic the heart too lol.

    A strange life lol


  • I'm really sorry to hear this Matt, sometimes the blows just seem to keep on coming don't they? - I'm always glad that I 'bounce' well, have to sit down whilst coming to terms with things but then get up and get at it again. Working is very important for your self-esteem and therefore your mental health - are there any further adaptations that can be made at work to assist you? I fear that my 'exquisite' hip and knee pain means that I'm keeping you and Allanah company in the heading for joint replacement stakes:-(

    Stay strong - I think that sheer bloody-mindedness is what keeps me going sometimes:-}

    Cece x

  • Sorry to hear that Matt, I hope your sorted soon


  • Sending Hugs Matt, sometimes it dosent rain it pours! You take care, Rie x

  • Matt so very sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you xxx

  • Matt my thoughts are with you,let's hope they can sort a drug out that doesn't affect your lungs and some pain relief. Stay strong.

    Lorraine x

  • My heart goes out to you Matt....all we can do is to keep fighting and pray something will come along that'll work. Stay strong, we're all with you in spirit! Xx

  • Matt,it is a sad day for you,but i know your a fighter and you will battle this with Fran by your side god help anyone who gets in the way of giving you help. Best of luck with the fight ahead as i know you will win.Love sylvia.xxx

  • I'm sorry to hear all this just reading all your posts since I've joined has shown a very, strong person. I wish you all the strength now so that you can carry on working. Sending a smile. Maryx

  • sorry to hear your latest news .This is something you could have done without, heres hoping that something is found that will help you. Keep working as long as you can , i believe it gives you something else to occupy your mind . So stay busy and do your best. Sending loads of hugs and stay strong.


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