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hiya im new to this forum ,i have joined for me and my mum :)

and look forward to learning lots :)


hello everyone ,hope you are all well ? hmmm well as well as we can be :)

i have joined for my mum and me ,

i have fibro and arthritis in my hands ,my mum has rheumatoid arthritis and oesteo (please excuse my spelling lol ) plus a number of other health complaints ,

i hadnt realised there was an arthritis forum ,and cant wait to read all your blogs and questions .

so glad to have found you ,look forward to chatting :-D xxx

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Welcome lynzi have also joined in the last few months everyone isreally helpful and friendly and will answer all you querie and give you cyber hugs when you need it.

lynz in reply to Cinders63

thanks ciders63 for your welcome much appreciated :) x

lynz in reply to lynz

or even cinders lol doh ! :)

Hi & welcome

Sci x


Hi Lynz and hi to your mum too, hope you enjoy the forum and learn lots.


Welcome lynz, You have the best group on here. They are a wonderful bunch of people, i can't say ladies as we have a few men as well and some of them are very funny. (you know who you are) We will always support you and your wonderful mm,you are so lucky to have her, i miss mine all the time.We will always offer support and answer any questions you may have, and we are funny as well.

Love sylvi.xx

thank you everyone for the lovely welcome :) x

welcome to you both, hope this sight helps you is has me,:),Joanne.x

More women, oh my ;(

PeteC in reply to PeteC

Ps ... Welcome :)

Hidden in reply to PeteC

You know you love it really Pete.

Welcome Lynz

I'm sure you and your mum will find the site useful and a wonderful source of information and emotional support when needed.

Beth xx


Hi Lynz

Welcome to the site.



Hi lynz welcome I not been on her long but the all lovely and very supportive so enjoy xxx

Hi Lynz and mum. Welcome to the site. I'm very new myself but have already learnt plenty from the wonderful people on here, I'm sure you will to xx

Welcome to you Both and I hope you get as much as I have from this site, Everyone has been so supportive, I am sure you will find what you need.

Lisa ((Hugs))

thank you everyone its really lovely to have such a warm welcome ,thanks again x

Hi Lynz, You wont regret it one bit, you can ask, you can cry, you can moan, you can laugh, you have friends who've been there all before. Believe me I thought i was all alone with all my questions that were not being answered by the professionals but on here you can ask any thing. Welcome.


Hi to u both.chrisx

Welcome x


Hello Lynzi and Mum,

Nice to hear from you. but sorry it's because of RA (and etc). Really good mix of people on here to chat with, especially if there's something you don't understand or need some general advice, usually someone has been there. Plus also don't forget the people on the help line, they sit in the background most of the time but they are there if you need more support.

My late Mum had RA, so I know just how you are feeling, it's not easy for you.

Judi xxx


I have been on holiday and had a greqat time, the heat suited me! So welcome to the site and use all the NRAS leaflets and helplines would also be my advice. I got so much help and am so glad i found this site too. love


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