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A Late Hello!

I remember promising to start blogging back in January - then school happened, life happened, and now we are working on the end of July. OOPS!

My name is Mercedes and I have had RA since 1995, a month after delivering my son. My RA was like a light switch - I went back to work after maternity leave, fell asleep that night, and woke up unable to move very well. It took a year before I was officially diagnosed as most doctors told me my pain was postpartum or I was attention seeking to defer from the baby.

I have had all kinds of surgeries, have been on all kinds of medication, and have many experiences to share that are RA related. In addition to my RA, my husband has recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and our son has type 1 diabetes.

I could write a book, but I will be brief and spread it out. Tomorrow I go to the orthopedic for my trigger finger. I am hoping for a quick injection of cortisone so I can get my rings off before they have to be cut off. Pesky flexor tendons!

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Welcome Mercedes, im Alison im really offline now. for a few days to sort personal stuff of my own. (well after 7.30am this morning.).

So sorry to hear your strory!. to have RA and Multiple sclerosis, and diabetes in the same family.. the diabetes is well funded and treated!!. the RA and MS can be a postcode lottery!!. hope you and your husband are able to get good treatment.

There are lots of ladies on here , with babies, young children, the hormone drop after birth appears a possible trigger?!. there needs to be more research.(no official figures/ study). but from this site.. there would appear to be some kind of link.

Think there also must be a hereditory/ link between RA and Type1 Diabetes., they are both auto-immune dieases


Hi Mercedes. What a terrible time you have had and are still having. Some people get more than their fare share of illnesses. I hope your inj works and your fingers improve. x


Hi Mercedes welcome back sorry to hear about all your probs. RA and MS gosh thats terrible. As summer says there may be a link between RA and Type 1 Diabetes. Hope the injection helps your fingers.


Welcome Mercedes :)

My 'story' is quite similar to your own; I won't type it out again but here's a link

Hope the cortisone cut the mustard and rings (and finger!) are still in tact :)

Hope you find NRAS Health Unlocked useful and informative. look forward to reading your blogs,

Lyn x


The mind boggles with these doctors lol I think half of them are alcoholics and they think they know everything but unfortunately they dont, Most people who have these illnesess go through such a tough time when they need help the most from those who know and all sick people need a diagnosis to enable them to come to terms with the illness, once you have the name you can find out more about it and then maybe get on with your new life with your new friend RA in this case but it is the same for everyone.

Iwent through hell too lol when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and ME it took years for them to tell me what was wrong, and then more fun with diabetes oh I love my Doctors lol, not, I laughed and I cried when they eventually gave my illnesses a name. the thing is too our illnesses have to put up with us too lol its not all one sided hehehe.

We all get there in the end, Happy new life RA.


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