Emotional rollercoaster :-((

Today has been so tough. Bit of background informationabout me. I'm 32 years old and was diagnosed with rhumatoid arthritis when I was 24. Being diagnosed with something like that at such a young age is heart breaking, before my diagnosis I haven't had any problems with my joints and was relatively healthy the only significant thing going on in my life at the time was an absolutely appalling job with adults with challenging behaviours and learning disabilities. The whole place, job, management is part of my life I'd rather forget about. Initially I was signed off sick for weeks with work related stress in which time I was prescribed diazepam for muscle spasms, I feel management forces me into leaving my job, low and behold 3 months later I'm diagnosed with RA. Coincidence or what? My consultant has been discussing methotrexatefor about a year now and I've been desperate for another baby :-( which hasn't happened after lots of research and a lot of thinking I've come away today with a prescription for methotexate and a very big lump in my throat. It all seems so final, no more babies, not able to have a drink and enjoy myself if I wanted to. I just hope I see some positive results and my pain and emotions improve. I hate RA!!

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Sorry you are having things so tough. 24 is young but RA is no respecter of youth or age at all come to that. If you read Swiss Miss's blog you might find some comfort. She is only about 27 I think and has got her RA under remission with an anti-tnf drug. The sooner you start MTX the sooner you might find you either get your RA under control or fail it and move on to other drugs which might be less of an issue in regard to having babies. I know lots of people who have had 2nd and 3rd and even first children over the age of 35 so please don't despair. Just try and get your RA under control. Methotrexate is a very effective drug for many of us. Good luck. Tilda x


Your blog left me with such heartache- my daughter was diagnosed with RA at the age of 27- the past three years have been horrendous for her- now on Anti TNF we had the conversation last night and she cannot believe that she ever felt so bad. Hang on in there honey and I know it is hard for us oldies to quite equate with you but I see it every day in my daughter - you can move forward and beat this into remission



Thank you for your kind words Tilda, I will hopefully write a more positive post very soon. Emma. X


Thank you katie. X


Hello. Sorry to hear that you are in such a traumatic place at the moment.

No one knows what causes RA, but it is suggested that stress and emotional issues do impact on the condition.

I agree with tilda,concentrating on getting on top of your RA is possible with the use of methotrexate. It is the gold standard of treatment as advised by NICE.

If you are undecided, about starting methotrexate. Please speak to your specialist nurse who will be able to give good advice re pregnancy and metho.

The NRAS help line are also an excellent source of information and expertise.

Good luck



I feel for you Em... like Tilda says RA doesn't have any respect for age or anyone's situation come to that! I was diagnosed earlier this year after suffering symptoms for about 3 years maybe even longer, I've had my children and they are leading their own lives now, so this was supposed to be "my" time now so I hate bl@@dy RA too!! I hope things work out for you and never say never! X


A horrible situation to be in, so I feel for you. But you do have time, so it may not be a permanent decision about getting pregnant and getting your RA under control first will also have a positive effect on the rest of your life. I'm much older than you, but I still resented it all at first. Anyway, MTX has given me my life back, and I'm now 95% fine. And I can enjoy myself and even have a drink every now and then, so it isn't all bad. Polly


Thanks for all the positive comments, I think I've focused on the bad and forgot all of the good. I struggle with pain every day some worse then others I've forgotten what it's like not to be in pain and have restricted movement. I have to look forward mtx may be life changing for me and it'll be far better for my daughter that I might be able to get on the floor and play with her. Thank you all again for bringing me back down to earth, and making me realise this is hopefully the beginning of a new journey.

Em. Xx

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Good for you xx we must all stay positive 😘❤️❤️❤️


I was 23 and just had my first baby when I was diagnosed with PSA which is very similar to RA. I did not think I could have another child as I was scared to come off my medication, as it was very differcult in those first few months in pain and a newborn. I had a chat with my consultant about it and came off my meds for 6 months and had my second child, eight years after my first. Then went back on my meds after 1year so I could breast feed. I feel I should of gone back on sooner rather than wait as my PSA did get worse.

Do not despair get your RA under control, and then try again, it could be all the stress and worry of your RA that not helping you conceive. Your not too old to have anymore so do not give up.


It is important to get yourself well first the baby can still be achieved but later you have time still to have a baby.. welcome to the site x


Hi angel

I'm soo sorry your having to go through this, especially at such a young age!

But as I have find out there is no age limit on illness! I choked on some food and the right side of my body went numb, I was 35yrs old nearly 9yrs on I'm still numb and through sheer determination, frustration and down right defiance. I learnt to use my hand but have everything you be careful as I can't feel if I hurt myself!

I'm giving you my special poem that I give to people who are in need of some comfort and support.

When angels sense you need them

And angels always do

They come unseen from everywhere

To help and comfort you

They hover close beside you

Till all your cares are gone

Till they can see you're ready

Once again to carry on

Then some of them fly away

And take their gentle touch

To other hearts that need the love

Of angels very much

But one at least stays with you

As your constant friend and guide

For guardian angels never leave you

They are always by your side!

Take care and angel blessings to you xx


Hi my daughter was diagnosed with adult stills disease in November.She was only 18 years old.our life and hers has tilted on its axis.I was recovering from breast cancer and starting to be in remission. My daughters illness was hard for me to adjust, to.however she has shown such courage and strength that I feel humbled -as I do reading all of your blogs.

I constantly worried that if I couldn't stay with her what would daughter is resilient and has completed 1st year of uni and been on holiday with her boyfriend .

She injects anakinra every day and methatrexate 25mg on a Sunday .she is still on high dose steroids.She is regaining her life and through all the ups and downs keeps smiling. Times can be hard ...but you only have one chance .keep positive and focus on getting pain under control and hopefully the rest will follow xx


RA can be so unfair and changes our lives sometimes in ways that others cannot and will not be able to understand. I was diagnosed at the age of 6 and was lucky that it went into remission until I was around the age of 13....I am 19 now and struggling massively, travelling from oxford to Manchester on a regular basis whilst I try to continue at university and receive my treatment. Try to take each day as it comes and enjoy things while you can, I hope you are able to have the second child you wish soon. Xxx


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