Dancing in the rain

Well it looked like Armageddon here in the north east of England last night. A HUGE black, swirling cloud appeared over our hills, then thunder , then the cloud over us, then it came. RAIN, but my lord I haven't seen the likes. Gallons of the stuff so thick you couldn't see out of the windows , it was like being inside a waterfall.

The newspaper and TV was full of stories of people getting 6 inch of rain in 6 minutes. All my young student friends posting pictures of flooding around their flats and being obviously wanting their mums but trying to act cool.!!

I was lucky we didnt get flooded but the rain was warm and the puddles were very deep, , so Katy and I took off our shoes, and went out in our clothes, into the pouring tropical storm type , we were holding our arms and faces up and splashing each other and dancing in the rain.!!

It was after the pure joy and delight i realised i probably lifted my arms and legs higher than i had done all year. So my new exercise ..pretend I'm back dancing in the rain.

PS yes our neighbours thought we were mad, but I'm still smiling about it....and glad I kept my clothes on!!!!!!! Axx

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Hi Allanah,

That brought a smile to my face.



Its raining again now! What to do? Katy at school,...back garden here i come!!Axx


Allanah. I think you are a closet hippy!! You'd fit in well in my neck of the woods. Keep smiling.

Judy xx


No closet hippy really,would love tro be one full time!! love glastonbury , running (when i could) through woods, hug a tree and all that but then boring normal person in between!!!!! Axx


Hi Judy, Yeah I do fit in around Devon, I met my husband in Paignton whilst I was holidaying in Torquay in that very hot summer of 76 when I was just 16! (It now sounds like the lyrics for a song) but have made Glasto in Somerset my party, friendly, party, sunrise and sunset place to be, and hope next year despite RA I ge there to dance in the rain!!!! And we can meet up when I get there... Come and join the hippies ha ha !! Axx


What a lovely image!

I used to go to a certain supermarket on my way home when I worked over the border in Wales: funny place with bad lighting & wide aisles and, often, really loud music. And I used to have an almost irresistible urge to dance myself stupid. Wish I had, now! xx


go back and do it now! or just go to a 24 hr supermarket at 3am and do it, it makes u come alive ha ha Axx


fantastic allanah fantastic......the child within is very strong indeed. Must give mine an outing soon. Loved your blog. Big black clouds here as well but nothing too close.


What a lovely thought, rain dancing. Brilliant when it warm and wet rain. Enjoy! Px


fantastic sue x


Great story and so glad lots of people had great fun in the storm. I've gone the other was and had to deal with lots of body/chest pain and breathlessness since the storm. Though it was strangely nice seeing children playing in my friends garden in 2ft of cold dirty water pouring into her home.

We spent the the evening thigh deep in my friends kitchen, she was flooded with 2ft of dirty water filling the downstairs of her home and garden. It was awful for them and all I wanted to do was give her and her husband (whose poorly and was close to tears) a hug, but my friend's always the 'down to earth practical one' simply said... "There's no point in getting upset it's happened and there's nothing we can do about it".

All I could do was give her a smile and shrug my shoulders.

Where I live there were so many homes flooded and roads completely blocked with deserted or submerged cars.

Luckily it's all over now and down to the insurance companies to come sort out peoples homes, at least this time my friend is planning on moving out while they throw her furniture into a skip and strip her living rm, dining rm and kitchen back to the brick and leave it to dry out.

One good thing did come out of it, it brought communities together, it was lovely seeing so many people come out to help and everyone being so courteous to others.

Beth xx


I had a similar experience recently. We didn;t have any flooding here, but still plenty of rain. I was heading to a friends party, and not being a driver I had a bit of a walk in the rain. At first my reaction was "typical, it's raining, this walk is going to seem so much longer", but soon found myself enjoying the walk. With so few people out and about in that weather (I saw no other pedestrians, and only two cars) it was really peaceful. After a week full of stress at work due to my "number of absences" because of my RA (note "number", not amount of time - I'm still annoyed about this because I try and keep the amount of time I'm off to a minimum, but my employer really doesn't seem to appreciate this! Grrrr!) I arrived at the party soaked to the skin but relaxed and with a big smile on my face.

One of my favourite sayings is "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass - it's about learning to dance in the rain".


Thanks LJH

It is now one of my favorite sayings, thankyou



Oh I'm so sorry as I know theres been a lot of bad things to come from this storm. I was so lucky to get something good out of it. My thoughts and prayers are for everyone who suffered at the hands of the flooding.

Hugs A ()


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