Problems shopping after gaining (gulp) 35 lbs...

So the weather turned today and I needed new fall/winter clothes after gaining 35lbs over the last 2 years. So I went to Guildford mall and I enjoyed myself shopping. Life is good as I have no pain & no fatigue. I literaly shopped until I dropped!!

I met an old friend and we went for lunch. We were just so thrilled that our favorite store had a sale today. We just found our size on the many racks and went to the till. I had my mastercard so "money was no object".....

When I came home I discovered all these wonderful pants & some of the sweaters were a size 10..... my size for years before the weight gain.... anyways my daughter just loves her new clothes that I bought. lol

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  • I feel for you, I have gained 120 pounds between the steroids and pain meds! I look in the mirror and flinch and cry!

    I am happy to hear you had a wonderful lunch with your friend and had fun shopping! I'm sure your daughter is happy to have new duds, now it's time for another mall trip!

  • Isn't it awful how the weight just piles on? Seems so unfair.

  • Glad you had a lovely day.

    I'm always nervous when I go swimming that I might be harpooned! I'm sure I'll be mistaken for a large sea creature in my black swim suit! :-)

  • ME too Nettac !! xx Pixiewixie

  • I never wore a swim suit this year, just the thought of trying to keep the "rolly" bits in a swim suit scared me. lol

    I spent the summer on our boat wearing stretchy lycra shorts & tee shirts.

  • Haha....helps if you don't give a hoot! :-)

  • I think another shopping day out is in your near future, call me psychic ;-)

    Wish I could come with. Love a shop and drop!


  • You are psychic. lol I do love shopping.

  • Shame you didn't tell me you were shopping in Guildford in Surrey. I could have met you for coffee. Just a bit of a drive round the M25 for me. Bit of a long haul for you though all the way from Canada? Don't they have clothing shops there? 😉😂🤣

  • There's a Guildford in Surrey where you live? Really? Guildford is one of 6 Towns located in the city of Surrey over here.

    So you live near Kings Cross & Guildford.... are you sure you live in the UK? :)

  • Lol. Don't forget Canada was colonised by us Brits 🤣.

    It's like when I go to South Africa and so many towns are named after Scottish places!

  • I love your Guildford such history & beauty. My Guildford is confused and mixed up. The mall, library & recreation center are beautiful. There are beautiful new condos & neighbourhoods that are so luxurious all over the Guildford area with crazy increasing property values ......but tthere are also blocks & blocks of dilapidated slumlord apartments that surround the the heart of Guildford.

  • Awww bless you Sue. That's just so unfair but, small thought, you could always do it all again soon maybe? Hugs


  • Yes, I have to go get some fall/ winter clothes that will fit or not eat for awhile lol. I must of had a "brain fog" day yesterday.

    My daughter is thrilled at all her new jeans & pants. I was able to keep some sweaters for me, so I'm happy about that. :)

  • Pants? Don't you mean trousers? 😉😂

  • Gosh, I can't remember the last time I heard the word trousers. lol My dad use to yell at me to "pull up your trousers" whenever I misbehaved.

  • Not all bad then, thank goodness. Please don't starve yourself just to lose weight. It makes you feel rubbish. My lovely step-daughter has shared her tummy upset and I haven't been able to eat a full meal since Monday. Being slim/scrawny already losing more weight is bad news. I envy you your shopping trip, though. Hugs


  • You may have gained weight, but I bet you haven't got wrinkles...Well you're not old enough anyway, but it comforts me that if I gain a pound or two then I loose a wrinkle or two...

  • Love your attitude helixhelix!!

  • Ah yes I know that feeling of weight gain very well post steroids so I can commiserate with you suzannedale . Clothing I wore not that long ago I cant even get past my kneecaps any longer.

    Just hope your daughter appreciates all the hard work and self sacrifice you have gone through to restock her wardrobe-- lol.

    I think another shopping trip may be on the cards.- for you this time !

    Take care.



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