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Alendronate Sodium anyone?


Had to get up early and take my weekly dose of alendronate sodium this morning. It gets harder and harder having to wake up early, get up and take it without taking my painkillers and then having to sit up for 30 minutes when all I want to do is lie back down and wait for my painkillers to work like I normally do.

I was just wondering if there's something else I could ask for instead. What do other people take for osteoporosis?

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Hi Bub,

I don' t actually take alendronate, but it has been discussed, luckily my bone density scan came out normal! How I'm not sure.

However, at that time, I was told that you can have a yearly infusion, and I think it's a very quick infusion. It's what I would push for. Take care and good luck.


Thanks Jen, I'll look into it B x


I've just checked on Internet, and the yearly infusion is called Zoledronic.


Great thanks. I shall ask my GP. That's got to be easier than this weekly malarkey. Trouble is, often I forget and take my painkillers before I remember so I'm not terribly good at it. A yearly infusion would be so much better.


Hi Bub

Check with your pharmacist first but I think that it is it possible to take it mid morning. Have a light breakfast at about 8am, then don't eat or drink anything and have your alendronate about 10:30 on an empty stomach and then don't have anything else till your lunch at about 13:00. As far as I am aware it is ok as long as you leave a couple of hours of fasting either side, but as I say the best to aske is your pharmacist. We used to do this with Protelos which another drug for osteoporosis. It would be helpful if you could let me know if this is correct as I take the french equivalent of alendronate.

Wendy x

Thanks Wendy. I shall check with my pharmacist B x

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