Like a block of ice❄️! Thank god for my own furbaby hottie bottle😻

Like a block of ice❄️!  Thank god for my own furbaby hottie bottle😻

So,yet again I've woken up when the painkillers have worn off and the next lot of 8hr ones are due(regardless of the fact I take 12hr painkillers too to try and stop this happening!) but this time around,because I was scatty enough to fall over in quite a 'remarkable' fashion last week,I'm taking extra muscle relaxants to help with the spasming.... this works fine until nights like these when I wake to find I've obviously passed out before 9.30(judging by what I'd paused on the TV) and all I had to keep me warm in this lovely warm night was my beautiful cat Mog,who had curled up on me for snuggles😻 Apart from where she's been lying,I literally feel like I've got blocks of ice instead of body parts,and I bet you can just imagine the pain my hands,feet and toes are in❄️😩 She's had her treats for keeping me warmer than I would've been,and then I couldn't get the drawer for warm layers open quick enough while I wait for my joints to feel part of me,and not so painful again....this is happening more and more at the minute purely due to the increase in muscle relaxants I'm having to take,as no amount of physio seems to be helping on the days I'm not actually having it anymore 😤 Please tell me that yet again I'm not the only one that wakes up/passes out like this?!

Nicki x

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  • Morning Njk73

    That sounds like youre having a rough time. I'm awake as I only ever manage to sleep maybe an hour at a time all during the night. Maybe you can speak to your gp about a different muscle relaxant if they're making you feel so drowsy you're falling asleep before making it to bed?

    I just wanted to say hi and let you know You weren't alone.

  • Thanks Eiram50

    I'm making it to bed - I usually spend an hour or so relaxing,having grooming time with my cats or watching some rubbish TV before actually pulling the covers over and settling down - it's just that the past few nights I've woken up ontop of the bed with the TV either on pause,where I've stopped to do something,or on mute because the adverts have been on(I NEVER watch/listen to those dreaded things) maybe I should just pull the covers over as soon as I get upstairs so I don't freeze(it sounds like I never have the heating on,but that's definitely not the case either😝)

    The only reason I get any sleep is because of the OxyContin(or longtec as it's now called) otherwise I would be awake half the night either through insomnia (as most of us are) or as soon as the painkillers wear off,I'm literally awake to the minute that the next dose is due - it's a problem I've had for years now,and I'm on so much medication that the GP generally just scratches his head at me,and he's normally fantastic in every other way. I've had to up the dose on the muscle relaxants this week as I had a major fall on fri afternoon last week,which basically hit every joint/muscle group I have,and left my back having huge spasms(I have already had three back ops between 2010 and 2013,and I wouldn't want anymore) so where my normal routine works,it's suddenly had a huge spanner thrown into the mix,as it were!

    But thanks for saying hi,I appreciate it - is it the pain that keeps you awake?or something else?

  • That sounds so tough for you and you must be totally drained. I really do hope something changes for you soon. I have a beautiful cat too and there's something so comforting about grooming and stroking them - take my joy where I can get it?!

    I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat but just cannot stay asleep - no idea what weakens me as I'm not conscious of being in more pain that I was before sleeping? I e tried everything so nownjust go with it. It's not great but hey ho.

    All the best going forward.


  • Thanks Eiram50

    That sounds exactly how I am at the moment,so much so,that as I'm not actually taking my pills before passing out,I'm thinking of leaving those out of my regime while I'm in the midst of my mini flare - may as well have a positive come from it 😝 But yep,my grooming time with my animals is pure therapy,for all of us.... I'm sure meg can hear a soft brush being used even if she's outside as she'll suddenly appear from nowhere,for her turn😻 Again,I'd truly be lost without any of them x

  • I have had a restless night and been fully awake since 4.30. I bought a lovely electric red blanket/throw recently and am considering hibernating til at least April. Sadly I have to get to GP this morning and Monday having my 6 hour drug infusion which I hope will help my pain. I will swap my blanket for your cat though!!

  • Thanks Cathy777

    No matter how much anyone offers,I'm afraid Mog isn't for swapping - she's like my own personal little follower/helper, which is unusual for a cat(I think it's the Maine coon half in her,as it makes her more like a dog😻) But I would be absolutely lost without her - more often than not she'll just curl up on my lap/chest and lie there for hours at a time while I'm reclining on the sofa downstairs,and no matter how much I fidget,she refuses to move ..... I just love her to bits.

    Good luck with your Drs appointment,and evenmore so for Monday at the hospital x

  • I love your kitty kat she is gorgeous darling. You sound like your in a flare my darling.xxxxx

  • Thanks sylvi

    I'm in a bit of a mini flare due to my collapsed left foot - it caused me to have such a fall on Friday afternoon that I've smacked/hurt just about every single muscle group/joint as I landed with my back finally hitting the top of the footboard on the bed,and I was still swinging with the wardrobe door in the other hand(I'm still amazed the door didn't fall off with my weight swinging from it😂). I've been falling asleep randomly ever since,some due to the increase in medication,and others due to the mini flare,along with some nights of not being able to sleep regardless of how much medication I take!! The joys,eh?!

    But thank you for your comment about mog - how could anyone resist curling up with that fluffy tummy,eh?! x

  • Have you been seen by anybody since your fall darling and have you been x-rayed as you could have broken something.xxxx

  • I'm having Physio at the minute as a constant ongoing treatment since someone rear ended my car back in oct - but I haven't seen anyone other than that. She saw me mon evening,and said she couldn't believe how lucky I'd been considering the description of the fall and how little physical damage I've currently got going on with my body - although she did say it usually takes about a week or so for the full effects of a fall to come through.

    Perfect example - I started writing this 3 hrs ago,and have just woken up on the sofa - definitely a mini flare being had 😜 Xx

  • Sorry about your pain, but what a gorgeous cat Mog is! xx

  • Thanks Barb66

    Mog's half Maine coon,half moggy,and she's been very lucky,that even though, like her sister,Meg,they both have the Maine coon characteristics, Mog was the only one to get the long hair that completes the look... Meg just looks very broad,but with the most beautiful Elizabethan collar almost if you catch her at the right angle - and the vets always say that she looks like she's too big,until you explain which breed she's half of,and then you get the usual 'oh,that explains it then'. We got them as rescues,but I truly believe they've both rescued me over the past few years 😻😻 x

  • Mog is lovely. x

  • Thanks louise-a

  • My furbabies are so toasty too. Hope you feel better soon.

    Sending you lotsa healing hugs 😘

  • Thanks Godandme - your wishes and hugs are very much appreciated x

  • So sorry to hear of your troubles. It must feel as though the fun just stops, eh? Your cat is utterly gorgeous though and must be a comfort. Huge gentle hugs coming to you

  • Oooh. Fat fingers and brain fog are a lethal combination aren't they? I meant "the fun just never stops". Doh!

  • Yep Gnarli - I definitely know both of those feelings 😝

    Thanks for your kind words,as I've said many times,even though my cats are all rescues,it definitely feels like they've rescued me several times over since I've been ill - and I also love the fact that mog is more like a dog than any of my mums bengals,who are renowned for being dog like!! She never leaves my side when I'm really ill,and last night just proved that point😻

    People have said that I've spoiled my animals,but when they love you so unconditionally like they do,to me,if it's just a way I can enrich their life by the smallest amount,then I'll do it,as they're worth so much more to me than money will ever mean!!!😻😍😻

  • My rescue cats have seen me through the toughest of times. Should be put on prescription if you are a cat lover. x

  • Love cats and really miss mine. Genghis was just a common or garden dsh but we loved each other. Cookie was also a rescue and timid. Can't have another as am allergic now. Sad

  • Nooooo Gnarli

    That must be so painful,that ontop of everything else you have to contend with,you now find yourself allergic to cats too?! I know I'd be gutted! I've always grown up around large dogs,and would've loved one when I left home to buy my own place at 20(always seemed the norm to do it so young back then) but as I worked full time,and it was a flat,a neighbour converted me into a cat lover when she rescued a young cat that had obviously been thrown away because she'd been pregnant?! Luckily she managed to get the kittens,so they were rescued,neutered and eventually rehomed after several intense months of tlc to stop the feral coming out in them) but my neighbour took on the mum,and she turned out to be one of the loveliest cats ever - I think she lived to be about 20,or even older,I just know she was sorely missed by all once she'd gone. But that little experience convinced me I wanted kittens,as my home just didn't feel right without any animal in it after a lifetime of living with dogs,hamsters, budgies and fish😊 So now,more than 23 years later,I eventually have my own house to call home,so I have three beautiful rescue cats(after the last of my previous cats died around 15(again,a stray,that had been neutered ,so someone once had loved him somewhere down the line?!😤)so we'll never know,and my other two eldest cats,back from my original lot were Tilly who was almost 16,and Fred who made it to just under 19 before an epileptic fit outside at just under 19 took him from me😪)

    I could never be without my animals,especially now I'm ill,as you saw from my post last night,mog's turning into a therapy cat that follows me everywhere,and always wakes me if she knows it's the wrong time or place for me to be asleep - she's woken me three separate times alone this week,twice in the living room when I'd only sat down for 5 minutes!! I truly would be lost without her.... and nope,none of the times she woke me were dinner times either.... like I said,a very close bond who obviously knows my daily routine inside out,bless her little paws😻 X

  • I too was used to a crowded houseful of animals both four and two legged! I got my rescue cats when I divorced and always said that Genghis was the only male I needed. He loved to curl around my neck like a living muffler and had the loudest purr in the world. Cookie was also rescued and had brain damage from where someone had used her head as a football. She was scared of everyone and everything to start with but eventually became so loving. Poor Genghis picked a fight with a car after he'd owned me for 12 years and lost while Cookie became so old and senile she had to be put down. I have a little shih tsu now and she is my shadow. We've been having lots of sympathetic cuddles recently as she's had a little lump removed and been feeling quite sorry for herself. We make a fine pair

  • Ahh,that's the hardest,but also the best decision we can ever make for our pets - having them put to sleep to finish their misery.... I remember once chasing one of my younger cats Neo(or neenoo as he was affectionately called) around the garden before I had to take him to have the dreaded sleep,but at the time he was skin and bone as he had a rare tumour that had already been operated on the once,and they could no longer do anything for him - it had gotten to be so large that he physically couldn't lay his back leg flat anymore,but other than that,he was fighting fit,as his final game of chase around the garden proved!! I've always made sure I'm there for them too,I know some people can't be... my sister for one couldn't be in the room when her dog needed to be euthanised,and I do understand, but for me it's the one last thing I can possibly do for them,so even though it breaks my heart(I'm sobbing with tears streaming down my face just writing this) I will always ignore my own pain to ensure I can comfort them in their last moments. Here's to many happy years together for you and your little shadow,and fingers crossed that all's well now the lump's been removed 💕🐶 x

  • Yup. It's the last loving thing we can do for our lovely pets when their lives become unbearable. I still feel horribly guilty though. I was there cuddling her as she went. I reckoned I owed her that. Suki is recovering nicely, thank you and this snow will cheer her up as she loves it

  • So hard I know. Lost one of mine 2016. Mine had a good cuddle from me also. x

  • Well I wake up many times through the night have done for years but not freezing cold usually opposit too hot and I still only have a 4tog duvet on bed been like this since last big flare up six years ago

  • I reckon we'd cancel each other out Jeansimn. I'm in more layers than an onion and still chilly

  • Well I like your hot water I really miss my two cats one got to 17 yrs one to 18 yrs both long haired one growled like dog if she saw a dog ,and ginger was too soft for his own good his big sister the grey one was his protector if they went outside .there great comforters for you

  • Hear hear - I'll always say it,mog (the most like a Maine coon) is really more of a mini dog and she's so protective of me it's heartwarming - as they're only 2 1/2 yrs old,and they have an enclosed garden,I'm hoping I have years left with them.... I couldn't bear to think of them getting ill at a young age like some of my previous cats have done,but at least I can prevent them from road traffic and dogs or too many fights with other cats(our close is full of them.... part of the reason they have an enclosed garden) so here's to cats all over doing things for their servants,and we are,let's face it,we certainly don't own them as we like to think😝 And to the joy they bring so many x

  • I originally went from being a constant cold baby to constantly hot,which my partner is just glad he works nights,as whenever he's over he can never keep up with my changes now😂 But I've found that as my condition has sort of come under some level of control,I've almost gone back to being constantly cold again,no matter how many layers I put on!!

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