my new meaning for life - just a pic to hopefully bring a little smile :)

my new meaning for life - just a pic to hopefully bring a little smile :)

hi - here's just a little pic to show how Minnie is growing,and as much as she's driving me mad with her boundless energy when all I want is to sleep at times,i thought Hector23 and Nitrobunny would definitely appreciate just how by way of looking so innocent,she can pretty much get away with anything at this stage :)

a little indulgent post tonight,but after putting myself through the wars this morning,i figured I could do with sharing some cuteness to make me feel better.

nicki x

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  • Oh wow. That's too much cuteness! Bet you get great cuddles?

  • cuddles,plenty of,and great washes too(eurghhh) which i'm not so keen on x

  • Yes, I do sometimes worry about the slobber, and the picking up of the poop.

    My flat is not so vlean as it used to be either. Big dog who sheds a lot. I could knit several jumpers! Still, he is lovely.

  • Who wants a spotlessly clean home ? I want mine to look lived in,after all,life's too bloody short to spend the little energy we have constantly cleaning!! I'm not saying mines a dump,I'm just not as bothered about getting the hover or dusters out as strictly as I once was... like I said,life's far too short!! X

  • Awww gorgeous xx

  • Ah what a little Love Bug <3 . She must bring you such joy :)

  • Thanks Suzanne - inbeteeen hobbling across floors before she can grab onto your trousers or socks,she is an absolute angel 😍 X

  • Cute cute cute!!!

  • Fantastic! What a cutie.

    I have an 18 month cocker spaniel - she is absolutely the best thing ever for my RA (and my life in general).

    Nothing compares to the unconditional love. I walk her at least twice a day, whether I feel good or not, and feel so much healthier physically and mentally 😀

    I hope your little Minnie brings you as much love and joy as my Molly brings me xx

  • Thank you JEM95 ,that's the reasoning behind me getting her - to help get me out of the rut I'd found myself stuck in,and which happens far too easily and before you know it too I'm glad you have your Molly - I would've loved a bigger dog,but the combination of my illness's and the lack of room indoors meant something very small was needed - as it is I still ended up tripping over my own two feet yesterday and doing so much damage that no matter how many tablets I pip,just about EVERYWHERE hurts this morning,and I've had no sleep as a result.... but hey ho,still getting ready to go out to the shops quickly,things need to be done,and they won't be if I sit at home dwelling 😝

  • minnie u r a cute bundle of happiness so adorable love the photo mary xx

  • Aww, she's such a cutie, xxxxx

  • is minnie a westie puppy x

  • Hi mary4444

    Minnie's a Maltese,so should only grow to be about 8-10 inches high at the shoulders,and about 6lb in weight.... about half the size of my cats. I would've loved a bigger dog,but with my illness it just wouldn't have been fair on them if I'd gotten bad and couldn't devote the time needed to him/her. Mum used to have a Westie called Suzy which we lost to cancer a few years back,so I couldn't have another of those,a because it would never have lived uptonsuzy,and b,because they're notiriuosly stubborn,and with two half Maine coon cats in the house already I have my hands full with as many stubborn animals as I can handle right now 😻😻 x

  • hi nijk73 the reason i asked minnie reminded me of my doggie sam who was a westie looked so like him sadly lost him to diabetis 3 yrs ago minnie is georgous my friend use to have two of them maltese terriers they get really fluffy when they get older very good breed of dog havent heard of maine coon cats are they the ones with no fur i loved her pink lead and coat lol keep putting the photos on its lovely they all get on hope u keeping ok at the moment mary xx

  • Hi mary4444

    My mum and dad keep saying about how much Minnie reminds them of their westie too,(also had diabetes which meant the treatment options for her cancer were limited as a result - it still breaks my mums heart every time she thinks about her,which is why I think she's so smitten with Minnie,even though she has another three dogs now,she still misses having a very small lapdog) esp when she lies on her back and you can see a little pink tummy and her ears look pink too😍

    Maine coons are apparently the largest domestic breed of cat you can get - we didn't realise when we got the two girls(littermates) as they just looked like normal moggy kittens - as it is,mog has turned out to have ALL of the characteristics and the wonderful long hair from the breed,whereas her sister meg has all of the traits too,but is short haired,so looks very large for what people assume is just a normal tabby cat,but they are fantastic cats,and I wouldn't be without them for anything - if I could get away with putting mog on a lead then I would,but she'd tear the lot off😻 I'll post a pic of them later for you,and judging by the size of the paws you should get some idea of how big they both are 😻😻

    Nicki xx

  • njk73 yes minnie certainly looks like a baby westie like seeing my sam looking up at me end of the world when i lost him but he was ill i now look after a pom poo doggie 3 times a week hes a cuttie lol very placid dog i hadnt heard of that breed before i googled maine coon cats and was amazed at the size of some of them they are beautiful will look out for photos thank u hope u r well today feels a bit milder so that good mary xx

  • Thanks mary4444

    I hadn't heard much about Maine coon cats until I was advised by the vets one day that they looked as though they were part one.... and then I remembered there had been a Maine coon literally two streets away from where we got them from ...hmmm🤔

    Luckily mine won't be quite as big,or at least that's what I'm hoping as I won't be able to cuddle them if they do get much bigger!!

    As for me,I just feel battered and bruised from where I fell over my own feet and hit just about every part of my body on some part of the wardrobe or the footboard at the end of the bed.... the joys of having a collapsed arch in your foot,I'm finding that I've just got no balance anymore ... although I did manage to have a lovely soak,and even a crafty 5 mins sleep while lying back in my bath chair.... that's a godsend in itself,as I could never get in or out of the bath before I got mine,and I used to have to sit and catch my breath in between washing different parts,and also when drying after - now because I'm seated the whole time,I can even stay seated when drying and it takes that whole effort side off for me -I used to have to plan a bath with military precision before I got this,now,as long as I've got my Carecall alarm within reach,I almost feel normal for half hour😊😊

    Here's hoping you're keeping well too x

  • njk 73 that sounds a nasty fall can u not get anything to raise your arch at the hosp i had where all the bones under the feet were so painfull when walking rhumy made appointment at hosp with foot man and he made me some insoles for shoes like walking on air as for the bath once in couldnt get out so now shower all the time lol easier i never thought about bath chair when u get chance google maine coon cats see how big some of them are hope u soon feel better good job u didnt smash your head take care no more falling mary xx

  • Thanks Mary,

    I do have insoles for my shoes from my Physio which are fantastic,but unfortunately no good for when I'm barefoot and getting dressed!!

    I have asked the GP for a podiatry referral,and I'm due to chase them up in a couple of weeks time,as it's just getting to the point where it's dangerous every time I take my shoes off now🤕

    The bath chair was something I got free from the adult social care team after they did a home assesment for me - it has got to be the best thing they ever gave me - it literally gave me back just enough independence to be able to do something that so many people take for granted that it was getting me down so much. As the shower is above our bath,I ended up pretty much camping in my bed before they gave me the bath lift,using wet wipes to bathe,and the very first day it arrived I used it - the carer was so moved by the mail I'd sent to thank her that she showed her may seem like such a small thing for most,but for me it was the biggest thing they could have ever done - I suddenly had the ability to be able to bathe myself again for the first time in months,I literally cried tears of joy over it 😊

  • njk73 u r so right we all take things for granted thats great getting the chair bath it keeps your independence changes your life hope minnie being a good girl best thing u done getting her bet shes all soft and cuddly so cute lol i was trying to remember that word podiatry man they are so good are u in the uk i go to southend hosp very good there very busy clinic i also got my shower free when i had my assesment so i was lucky anyway i hope u feel better soon after the fall i get my little pom poo in the morning i have him mon tues and thursday his name is zebeede probely spelt that wrong so its walkie day tomorrow lol mary xx

  • HI Mary,

    Zebedee is a fantastic name - although I have no idea what mix a pom poo is - I'm half guessing that it's a Pomeranian and a poodle of some sort?? in which case it'll be a bouncy ball of fluff?:)

    good luck with walkies tomorrow,i'm having to take things one day at a time at the min,purely because of how my body's been so battered...luckily enough I already had a physio appointment booked for tomorrow evening which I was half thinking about cancelling - I'm so glad right now that I didn't,as i'm needing her help so much....even just trying to lie on my left side at the min causes so much pain...infact just trying to gently rub body lotion in after the bath caused me to want to cry -it's literally like a huge lump all down that one side,how I haven't got any bruises along that side is a miracle,because I certainly landed with a thump!!

    Oh,and as for the podiatry people,i'm based up near Colchester,so I;m not sure if it'll be my local hospital at halstead,or wether i'll have to go to Colchester for any treatment - time will tell on that one.

    As for the pictures of my other three beautiful babies,i haven't figured out how to get more than one pic loaded at a time,so you may just get a few direct messages sent from me instead. Unfortunately I can't find any decent ictures of the two girls together,so I've tried picking out various pics that show you how large their paws are,and especially how beautiful mogs fur is - it can be hard work,but since I found a petangel brush,it's literally been just like silk,which has the most luxurious feel to it :) fingers crossed I haven't bored you with them. i'm going to attempt to send them now,and then probably turn in for the night as I'm just dying to lie flat and dose up on pills to try and take the edge of the pain!!

    here's hoping you have a fab day with Zebedee tomorrow,and i'll look forward to a pic if you can pls?

    take care

    Nicki xx

  • u got it right its pomeraniam mixed with poodle and yes looks like a teddy dont know how to do the photos do u do them through your phone hope u managed a good nights rest mary xx

  • Is that a real dog or a fluffy toy?

  • Hi Carol41

    I get asked if she's real a lot!! Even when I was in the vets by another customer. Minnie's a Maltese,which are part of the toy group of dogs,and will have the most beautiful long white hair when she's older - even now it's getting long enough to irritate her eyes and ears so I've got to start learning how to put her hair up for her🤔 I didn't,and don't want a dog to just dress up,but as they don't have an undercoat,they can't tolerate the cold at all,so I need to have a coat on her whenever she's out,esp in this weather,but I just couldn't resist the pink bunny jacket as soon as it was shown to me,this is the only time I'll be able to get away with something so ridiculous,so I've got to make the most of it😝

    it was the one thing I gave into and went all girly on her for,the lead isn't even pink,that's just the underside,it's actually a mix of sky blue florals and pink on the main side,it's just that it didn't get picked up in the pics - her harness and collar(which she's still growing into) also match,so at the minute it's a case of putting on her whatever I can get to fit - I had a couple of t-shirt harnesses made up for her so at least she'll have a layer on,and a harness that will fit for a couple of months,and while she's at her puppy classes,but that's the smallest size I could get at xxs,and even they've had to be tightened to fit her properly😛

    Nicki x

  • She is so cute 😍

  • Thanks Barb66 - when you hold her up,because of the black points even being on her pads she does actually look like a teddy bear.... unfortunately I haven't quite got the knack of holding her in that pose,and managing to take a pic at the same time😂

    But yep,it even took me an hour to get around pets at home the other day as everyone that saw her wanted to just have a cuddle or a hold.... she's certainly helping me make new friends and doing her job in getting me out of the rut of being stuck indoors that I'd become stuck in 😊

    Nicki x

  • Thanks for that Nicki really something to brighten my day Carol xxx

  • Thanks Carol41

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