very nervous


every one is so nice on here,

ive got an op in 7 days and very nervous as not sure how my arthirits is going to play after and how im going to cope with every thing not got my next infusion till july 24th im hoping this op will get rid of one lot of pain but then theres still the RA to contend with not sure how much more pain i can take to be honest but oh well ill have to got my baby girl to think of as well as me nan to look after xxx char xxx

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  • Hi Char

    Good luck with your op. It's amazing how the kids keep you going isn't it? Hopefully, if you are given pain relief post-op that will help with the RA and, if you can, try to keep moving as I find sitting for long periods just makes everything worse. Listen to the physios, they may seem like evil taskmasters but IMHO they do know what theyre talking about....

    Bev xx

  • thanks i try to keep on the go but when the RA flares up its the hardest thing to do but i try and really takes it out of ya xx dont have nothing to do with physio atm so not sure if ill be seeing them after my op i might be ill keep the group updated tho xx char xx

  • Hi Char, just to add another voice of support to Bev, try to stop worrying about after the op, cause you'll be in the best possible place to deal with any after effects. Concentrate on the positives of not having pain . I' m sure the smiley faces of your Nan and little girl will see you through. Wishing you loads of luck with op and afterwards. Jennyxxxxxx

  • You will be in safe hands so if your ra does flare they will take care of it for you. What are you having done,nothing too serious i hope. Take care and i am sending you hugs. xxx

  • you poor thing, i hope it goes well and everything is better afterwards. All the best

  • Good luck Char! I'm sure it will all go well and your little girl and nan will keep you smiling! Sarah x

  • hey guys im having my gall bladder removed and have to be in hospital for 2 days coz of risk of infection thanks guys means loads xxx char xx

  • Hope it all goes well x

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