"How you feeling today Monica?"

Thought i would share this with you Im sure it sums up how we all feel most of the time ... Went to rheumy clinic yesterday to see my nurse about restarting my anti TNF ..My RA is very active right now and is flaring up quite badly every joint getting in on the act :-)..anyhoo she asks me "how are you today Monica" I reply to her "Do you remember the childhood song "Head,Shoulders ,Knees and Toes...Well I can only manage Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose " ...Now have I summed up how we feel lol xxx keep smiling Monica x

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  • You said it sister :-) lol

  • Very well put lol

  • is your name monica or wendy? im confu xsed.com x

  • summed us all up :) onwards n upwards xxx

  • Yeah my name is Monica ..When i found this wonderful site and had to chose a username at the time and probably most of the time since it also sums my physical state thanks to RA lol glad you liked my comparison to the childhood song... Xx

  • Very apt and quite witty! You made me laugh thank you

  • Very good sums me up x

  • that just about sums us up and when you look at the body parts we tried to put a good body together the other day

    it looked preety gross indead

    i think we should all be on embarasing bodys

  • Lol@minka think that be a thriller if put on TV ..... Head , shoulders , knees , toes how very apt Monica you made me chuckle x x ??

  • hi Monica i'm new to this site just joined yesterday, you are so right made me laugh havent done that in a while ,so it cheered me up thank you monica xxx

  • Im so glad i made you laugh... :-) Im going to check out the perfect part of the body post:-) ...we have to humour in our lives its our best medicine :-) xxx Monica

  • You're so right Monica, gave me a laugh which I needed badly today. Have to keep our sense of humour if we lose that we may as well give up.

  • Im glad :-) Im in so much pain myself today and feeling pretty damn miserable ...I would love to change my bedding today but that's like doing 10 rounds with Mike Tyson .. So just lying on couch ...The one symptom that I have only came to grips with lately is the fatigue ..which makes me slightly better mentally as now I no Im not a lazy bugger just a very poorly one :-).. Im having a wee talk to my knees today.. They have always had fluid in them and I was always asked by rheumy clinic if I getting any pain in them and they were always surprised when i said no ...Well they have decided to join the pain gang in the last week and my i say with a vengance :-).. I can't leave the house on my own as walking and me just don't mix.. I had a car but due to losing my job iv only managed partial payments in the last 2 months and as my ex husband kindly went garauntor 4 years ago this has affected his credit rating and in his words "casting a shadow over his up and coming Las Vegas wedding in May " so he has took it off me "its a long story" lol but Im housebound ..my brother will take me anywhere i want to go ..but like u all Im a very independent,dont take shit from anyone kinda girl..So don't like to ask him too much... So as you can see Im really pissed at my knees right now for joining the rest of my poorly joints ...But on a cheerier note this year Im gonna ask Santa for a purple sparkly mobility scooter and Im gonna make them the new must have in 2014.. EVERYONE WILL WANT ONE ..EAT YOUR HEART OUT VICTORIA BECKHAM. xxxxoooooxxx Monica xx

  • Quite right :) ...well explained ! x

  • Good for you Monica, you may not have a car but you have set your sights on a spakly scooter, so you've got something to work towards. And you have a lovely sense of humour, I'd love to have seen your nurses face when you said " head, shoulders, knees and toes". You brought a smile to my face too, and it sums us all up very well indeed. June xx

  • That had me laughing. I'm the same way. Forget about touching my toes, last week (pre-steroids) I couldn't even touch my knees!

  • very good ,, wendy / monica .. did the nurse laugh ?? or does it just tickle us .

  • My nurse did laugh :-) she says i cheer her up lol ... Xx

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