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Job seekers allowance interview!!!!

After being refused my appeal for DLA (in receipt of low rate care only) been thinking for so long about work, wanting to work, unable to due to pain and fatigue it finally dawned on me to make a claim for jsa, silly perhaps you may think but after all what else can I do? Cant claim esa coz not been working for 2 years plus to pay in national insurance so unable to get that...................

Im about to start Humira next week, finally after just over 2 years of being continuously unwell, im in constant pain and cannot do anything, too trying on my body, am on cocodamol and oramporph too so goodness knows what theyll make of me tommorow but what have I got to lose????

What are your thoughts on my next move???

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you do reply any feed back will be greatly appreciated xx

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Good luck I hope you succeed


You can get non contribution based ESA, otherwise what would disabled people do who had never been able to work? xx


Exactly Dogrose!! Beckybooboo...If you are not living with a partner who is working more than 24 hours a week or are single...can you not claim income based JSA or ESA if not entitled to conts based JSA/ESA?


They do have people called Disability Employment Advisers. If you explain your situation to the person you're assigned they should be able to make an appointment for you to see him/her. This link explains

Good luck & hope they are understanding of your problems.


Oh dear. If you can't get ESA conts based, it's unlikely you'll get JSA conts based. If you haven't been keeping your NI conts up to date (eg working) you can sometimes get the non-contributory - MEANS TESTED versions of them but they have their own rules!! Good idea to see a DEA, they can be fantastic, but I'm biased as I used to be one!!!

Please take advice from the Jobcentre because my knowledge may be out of date by now. What I do know is that you'll probably be well and truly frazzled by the time you get out! Good luck and let us all know how you get on. (It should make interesting reading)!!


Hi Becky

I tried a job, managed 11 weeks then had to go off sick. I'm still off sick. I tried to claim ESA but told not enough NI. I was on incap Ben for years before I went back to work. I have applied for contribution based ESA which is where DWP make a contribution towards your NI so you can get a state pension at retirement age. I hope I don't have to go to a work assessment interview!

If you have any queries I would recommend you go to your local citizens advice bureau. I did and they were fab. Fingers crossed the Humira does wonders and you will be able to work part time! Let us know how you get on

KiKi x x

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Thank you all for your replies, Im not entitled to any payments coz ive not been working, typical, I just dont know what to do from here????????????????

Got to go back next Monday but if I stay with the jsa they will pay my ni for me whilst seraching for employment but after the mind blowing interview and form filing, having time to think I may aswell not bother coz its impossible for me to commit to employment when I feel soooo bad...........................

I cant work or sit at home trawling through the computer for hours on end looking for employment when Im in too much pain and out of it most of the time on oramorph and tramadol - I think she must have thought I was a bit strange today as I was dosed up and not with it at all, oh dear what is a girl to do???????????????????

I think I have to wait to see if the Humira is a miracle for me and if so then maybe I can look for employment actively, I dont know what else to do, Ive been CAB but they werent much help either, back to the brick wall of silence again..............................

Many thanks again for your replies, stay happy and pain free if you can xx


That sounded like a rough interview. They're not known for their compassion & by the sound of it you got a particularly unhelpful one. The only thing I can think of at the mo is to make an appointment with your local Welfare Rights Officer to seek his/her advice as to what you may be entitled to. Your Town Hall should be have details of where yours is based. I've found ours extremely helpful with a case which was not the norm as I'd been out of the UK for 11 years so obviously not working here. All you can do is ask as there may be other alternatives for your situation.


There is no welfare rights where I live it was closed down by the Council, its so difficult to know where to turn, never mind something will turn up, if my Humira works the world maybe my oyster again - lets hope so, thank you though xx


Hi Beckybooboo.

Try this site if they can they will be happy to help, a lot of the site team on there know what they are talking about.

Hope it helps.

Marcus6 x


You don't say if you have a partner/husband who works or not, I'm guessing you do? My partner works though it is just 30 hours at minimum wage, he gets a little bit of tax credits which he give to me to buy food but personally I have no income at all and I'm not entitled to anything at all, it makes things hard. xx


I have just been on a medical assessment for esa failed by 6 points to qualify , had ra for 15 years and was initially signed off for ever , well I did not know this would ever happen but I was informed i too that I am well enough to work but they would take into account my capabilities , could you tell me how you are now getting on . I'm off to hospital today to talk about methotrixate , angry as unwell enough to take that but not too ill to work . I too get low rate dla


Have you considered appealing their decision?


Thanks for your reply, my ra has been flaring for so long now am on 20mg daily of steroids, I tried Humira for 16 weeks last year and had no affect, am now waiting for funding on Rituximab and have now been to my local advice centre who have helped me appeal the low rate dla. So at present am just waiting for them to review it.

Its so not easy..................... You just have to keep trying and pushing. I hope the methorexate helps you, have you ever discussed any of the biologics? mind you they have to try methorexate first.

Good luck and I hope you get some relief soon x


Thank you all for your replies . I am in two minds what to do as after my steroid injection feel a lot better but I know it won't last for ever . I had X-rays again on my hands and feet I don't want to think I'm a government grabber but feel very anxious about my health and how it comes and goes . With all the propaganda about claiming benefits feel I should not ,but when I have a flare up know it's my lifeline but I have felt ashamed claiming for a number of years .After 20 years of ra the nice consultant is sending me to a nurse to explain all about it , the meds ect and how it will affect me in the future I think then I can make a decision at the moment feel very confused I revieved a letter as now informed they can stop my dla too . Brilliant it just goes on .


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