Matrifen patches

I have just been informed by my G.P & Local Health Board that they intend changing me from my normal Durogesic fentanyl patches to something called matrifen patches.

Reason give is that this is a cost effective switch and that money saved can be used in other ways to benefit myself and other patients.

Can anyone please help with any advice on these patches???

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they will still contain fentanyl but are made by a different company durogesic is a popular but expensive trade name... its a bit like being unbranded ibuprofen versus nurofen.. same strength. same ingredient cheaper


Hi Summer

Thnx for the quick response,

I throught as much with regard to branding but this isn't my main issue!

My problem is quite complicated, RA is not my main/only issue illness,

I am a transplant patient whose transplant is nearing it's end, so with my anti-rejection drugs and other cocktails for BP, Blood-thinners, water tablets, statin's and pain medication.

I really have to be carefull what I take and it's taken 2-3years to get to a position where we are just about getting there, in pain most day's but not zonked out and sleepy all the time, and reaching apoint that things are in balance without adding more pressure on my transplant.

Just wondered if anyone else had been changed to Matrifen patches and does it take long to adapt??


havent used them only speaking from a job point of view .I. have had a few days of for nras lunch.. and I think have over done it a bit!!, two lively companions!.

If you are worried and I see with your medical history.. you have a lot to contend with.. speak to your gp.. rheum team with concerns.. when I left work on tuesday we were still using durogesic.. I have been on annual leave back on mon.!. your hospital may have some branded left, your consultant can get a hospital; / outpatients prescription written and get them from there?.. just surfaced from nap.. and bad ankle and elbow pains.

theoretically you should have no problems,,

unless they are using a different patch adhesive which could cause an allergy.. the release profile may be slightly different,, but over a couple of days peroid of use the therapeutic level will be reached same as before


back at work.. my buying dept man says matrifen are dearer for our hospital than durogesic because we get them on contract bulk purchase.. so my original suggestion was sound?! see if your local hospital/ consultant can help!


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