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Vaping vs Smoking vs Nicotine patches

Good morning all!

So the first thing my dox told me when I got diagnosed is that I absolutely have to quit smoking IMMEDIATELY!

So naturally 2 months later im finally trying. Ofcourse in the past i tried quitting many times. When i was very young i quit cold turkey and for 7 years I didnt smoke. After I started again (stupid i know) for the last 12 -13 years i have been smoking with brief periods of quitting for a few months in between. I used the nicotine patch and it worked the first time for me,but as soon as i was supposed to quit using it I just couldnt go without nicotine and i started to smoke again. The next few times i tried to quit i also tried to use the patch but the thing wasnt effective at all then.

I got the patches again,i will try...i failed 2 days in ..but will try again...although im worried it wont work.

A lot of people are walking around with vaping devices. Is that acceptable with someone with RA? And is it better for a long term quit?

Does anyone here have a succes story? Please share.


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I was a smoker for many, many years and tried to quit loads of times without success. The attempt that finally worked was just aids, no nothing. Just telling myself firmly that I was no longer a smoker. Two unpleasant days and it 30 years of smoking was over! I am so relieved I did as everything I read about smoking and RA is not good. And not smoking has helped cope with RA.

Vaping is supposed to be less harmful for normal people, but RA does change things. So I imagine your rheumy would say it's no better for you. So for you it could just prolong things and add extra expense.

Please, just stop. Now.

It's tough, but not as tough as having RA.


Hi agree with this reply I smoked for over 30 years gave up every now and again tried everything on market, when I was diagnosed my RA consultant asked if I wanted to attend a no smoking group as smoking is not good for RA so I went to the group at Chelsea & Westminster and gave up on 26 Nov 2015 without anything just stopped I think that is the best way to do it not to say I don't like the smell sometimes but other times I hate it x


Read Allan Carrs b ook The only way to stop smoking or the easy way to stop smoking not to sure of its name - I read it 20yrs ago and havent smoked since. You dont stop smoking to read the book you keep smoking, read the book and you will just stop. I tried everything before patches, gum, things stuck in my ear, everything Allan Carr works - try it its cheaper to buy than patches etc

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Hi izabella

I too am a smoker and desperately wish to stop . Not only is smoking bad in terms of RA, it also significantly reduces the efficacy of any and all medication.

I am using a vapour to help me quit. I've certainly been advised by my medical team that it is 100% better for me than smoking cigarettes.

However, this needs to be a means to an end. It cannot become my new "cigarette" - there is the danger of one replacing the other and unfortunately, whilst professionals agree that it is safer than cigarettes, theee have been no studies undertaken re Impact of vaping long term.

Best of luck in your quest.


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You know what I'm going to say! Especially with your cough. You have a tough RA that must be so hard to cope with, but please treat yourself to a smoke free existence. You can do it!


Me? I am definitely working on it.


Yes, you (and all the other RA smokers too). Keep working on it and you'll get there one day. Took me 30 years, but I made it in the end.

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I will. Strangely, I am not and have never been one of those smokers who actually enjoy their cigarette. I hate the taste and smell - it simply is a hateful Addiction!

I will continue the fight.

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Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I ever did, but glad I did.

Before I tell you my story, let me tell you this:

If you fall off the non smoking wagon, don't beat yourself up. Just continue to keep trying to be a non smoker. It took you a while to be addicted to smoking, so it will take you time to break this addiction. Keep trying.

Here is my story.

I went cold turkey and everytime I had the urge to light up I would grab a tic tac. I kept a pack of cigarettes in the freezer for comfort, so I wouldn't freakout. Knowing that the cigarettes where there kept me calm. I would tell myself I could have a frozen smoke, but I would have to defrost it first. By the time the smoke got defrosted, I would tell myself to wait 30 minutes to see if I really wanted to smoke. After the 30 minutes I realised that all this effort for a smoke would only make me start all over in trying to quit smoking. My urge would be over and I'd grab a tic tac.

This worked for me, it is mind over matter. By the time I was 2 weeks into non smoking, I was able to get rid of the cigarettes in the freezer. I was mad at those frozen cigarettes for having a hold on me.

Good luck to you


Oh vaping is also addictive. In Canada vaping and smoking are considered harmful. You are not allowed to smoke or vape in public areas.

Vaping is not just misty water particles as the advertisers state. Studies are now stating vaping is just as harmful as smoking.

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Hi Izabella

I finally stopped smoking nearly four years ago after 44 years. I had stopped on various occasions for up to a year but always went back to it. I had tried all sorts of things like patches (allergic), inhalator (tasted disgusting), nicotine chewing gum (vile) etc etc. Landing up in hospital, again, with yet another chest infection somehow tripped the switch. Smoking when you have asthma is not clever, I reckoned. Time to stop. Some Champix tablets started the quitting process and they made me feel as sick as a dog if I smoked. I put an app on my phone which told me how much money and time I was saving. I won't pretend it was easy 'cos it wasn't but it was worth it. I'm now approaching a saving of £9000, feel loads healthier, look loads better and am really proud of myself.

If I can stop so can you. Just think how good you could feel!

Wishing you every success



I started reading the Alan Carr book on how to stop smoking ( didn't finish it) but it was really good for changing your mindset about giving up. I then booked an appointment with a hypnotherapist,the week before the appointment I had to put each cigarette I smoked into a screw top jar & sniff the contents several times throughout the day. I think it is all about preparing yourself for that final cigarette. It worked for me I haven't really wanted one since and I seriously thought that I would never be able to give up smoking. Good luck & don't start by thinking it will be hard ! X


Vaping is not without harm but is better than smoking as far as we know.

I have always struggled to give up but once I decided I really was going to making the switch to vaping was pretty easy and I haven't had a cigarette since.

Now I've just to give up the vape....


Hi, i smoked for t


Hit submit with little finger!!! I will try again. I smoked for twenty odd years and really didn't want to stop, although i think that was stubborness!. I eventually decided the time had come and i switched to vaping. After a week or so I realised it was the necessity of doing something with my hands that was the hardest habit to break and vaping helped that. I didnt enjoy vaping and after about two months quit that as well. So if vaping isnt the best solution i found it very use.ful in helping give up. I have been smoke and vape free for nearly four years. Good luck!!


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