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Knew that would get your attention. Dont worry I havent been removing my clothes in public just started stripping Mums old room today so we can decorate it and get it ready for my youngest daughter to move into. Stayed at my first born's last night but didnt sleep too well. Little man has got a new swing and slide at his house so that was lovelly watching him trying them out. Have had a reply re my DLA mobility form apparently I am no longer disabled miracle of miracles so I wont be getting that component anymore. Whats that you say appeal the decision your dam right I am. It probably wont get me anywhere but I am no better mobility wise and yet some faceless numpty has decided that I am. As the yanks say it sucks.

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yep I agree sharon x


Hi Sharon - You little minx... talking of stripping how's the dating scene lately?? Did you miss him when you were away?

It will be nice to have someone living with you again? As for the DLA, is that changing too? You know to something else. I think all this change is probably going to cost just as much as if they carried on with what they are paying out now. Silly B****rs. Anyway, nice to see you keeping busy. You can come and do mine after :-)

Take care Julie xx


Hi Julie yes still seeing lovelly man although havent seen him since I returned from holiday. I am going to Nottingham to see him next week. We are both busy and also I think we are both taking it slowly although he did kiss me last time I saw him wow. Yes and me with a pot on my arm lol. Anyway stripping continues today. I can always have a rest later. Take care Sharon


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