Waste of time!

I have been through a few months of worry which made me even more ill, then the day came for my esa tribunal........... i won it :-) but was put into work activity group? Won appeal to say i wasn't fit for work & put in that group. Had a letter to say i have received 365 days i am intitled to so i wont be getting any more money :-( . What do i have to do to get in the support group? & to top it all off they said i have to attend the classes or i wont get my ni credits. I am gutted all that worry & money wasted on postage sending all my documents to back my case up for WHAT! & to top it ALL off i have still got toothache(2 weeks now) got dentist later i am going to tell him to take it out! Rant over xx Alison

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  • I am sorry to hear that you are in even more pain for dental reasons, hope that is sorted out better than your esa appears to have been. I have not claimed for esa so unsure what to advise further for you, apart from that I hope and pray that things will improve and someone will surely be able to help you on here who has had similar experience to you. Take care. xx

  • Hi Alison, they definitely don't make these things easy for us. My step dad has OA and applied for DLA. He can barely walk for 5 mins without feeling pain and they didn't offer care or mobility, he appealed and won but after loads of paperwork and waiting around for a response! I've reduced my hrs at work because of RA so am earning less but there is nothing in-between to help you out. I'm looking into working tax credits and DLA. Good luck at dentist. X

  • If you are working for at least 16 hours you can apply for Disability Working Tax Credits. DLA is now PIP and NRAS have an excellent booklet that you can download from their site on how to fill out the PIP forms for RA :-)

    Cece x

  • Thanks Cece, i will look into these. Didn't realise there were 'Disability working tax credits'. X

  • I've been put in the work group even though I have ( in their words ) at least 15 points but they think I'm still capable of some work, I'm waiting for my appeal date to come, when I win it and if they do the same to me by putting me back into a work group there will be hell to pay. These Tories are destroying peoples lives, they are killing the sick and disabled, there is a website were the protests are and when , disabled people against cuts DPAC or diaryofabenefitscrounger. Two very good sites to check out.


  • I wholeheartedly agree, Philip!

  • Yes, I'm afraid that you can have a long-term, deteriorating health condition and only be 'disabled' for 365 days with the current regime at No 1O - after that you're on your own and won't even get National Insurance credits towards your pension!

    Cece x

  • I too have had this problem, I applies for D.L.A. and was told that although I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, I was only awarded care at low rate and no mobility allowance !!!! I went to my local citizens advice, who looked through my records and the lady actually laughed, she couldn't believe that id been turned down.

    the C/A wrote to the D.L.A. and I took them to tribunal == and guess what ?? I was awarded high care and high mobility...... just goes to show what happens when the little person takes on the big firms xxx

    then when the incapacity benefit changed over, I had to re apply for the E.S.A.. what a "rigmarole" that was, after filling in the forms ( half of them stupid questions and the other half repeating questions), a medical and weeks waiting for the outcome, ive finally been awarded the support group......

    Alison, I would seriously consider going to your local citizens advice centre to see if they can help you, take all your paper work with you. please let me know how you get on, kind regards, Dee xx

  • Thanks to everyone for your kind words. Dee i have been awake most of the night worrying & one of my thoughts was going to CAB. I have worked all my life even after having the children i worked part time i even carried on working full time untill last september after being diagnosed with RA. Xx Alison

  • Hi Angel

    I hope you get things sorted soon, but to try and help, i'm sending you a poem and some of my angels, it's for people in need of a gentle hug and support but I'm unable send an angel charm to.

    When angels sense you need them

    And angels always do

    They come unseen from everywhere

    To help and comfort you

    They hover close beside you

    Till all your cares are gone

    Till they can see you're ready

    Once again to carry on

    Then some of them fly away

    And take their gentle touch

    To other hearts that need the love

    Of angels very much

    But one at least stays with you

    As your constant friend and guide

    For guardian angels never leave you

    They are always by your side!

    Print it out and put it where you can get most comfort from it, and when you feel you need their help ask whether it be out loud or under your breath they always come!

    Take care and angel blessings xx

  • Thank you for that its lovely i shall keep it :-) especialy as i find October very hard to cope with as i lost my dad 6yrs ago 31st October & i lost my mother-in -law this April i really miss them both :-( xx Alison

  • Hi Angel

    You welcome xx

    I lost my mum on 20th September 3yrs ago and mother in law 30th November, father in law took his life 3 days later, so i feel for you.

    They're always with you, and will let you know they're there for you. It could be. Feather in a strange place, or an ornament moved, if they were jokers it could be moving keys or specs!

    My mother in law had cancer of the asphegus and started collecting angels as she felt better with them round her, we bought them for every occasion, they helped her see her 5yrs clear check and 3yrs after that! And my father in law couldn't live without her, we managed to arrange for a double funeral.

    All through the service the candles behind the vicar were flickering and he was the sort that droned on, my father in law was not religious at all and all of a sudden the electric organ let out this noise as if someone had slammed both hands onto the keys to make us jump! We found out a few days later the organ wasn't plugged in, it was my father in law telling him to get on with it!

    Now if he's around he moves a jug that is part of a collection left to my daughter as he knows it annoys her and i have my mother in law's angel collection and have added to it, but the angelite stone angel we bought her is on my tv stand stand she turns it round to let us know she's here or if my hubby's working upstairs she knocks my little shoe ornaments off the shelf.

    I was told by someone that didn't know me or any of my family in passing that when my hubby flies on business his mum goes with him and she laughs coz she goes free!!!

    Sorry for the biography but you'll notice slight changes or noises, don't be afraid to ask if it was them, even if it's under your breath. I say it out loud! But my lot are used to me, i have an angel wind chime in my hall and i ring it and say goodnight to them all.

    Don't be sad for them, their spirit is happy and they are well, their body was just a shell, any illnesses they had has gone with the body! And are looking after any pets you've ever had.

    Take care and angel blessings xx

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