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X-rays & steroids…not today thanks!

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I had my yearly meeting with my Rheumy nurse last week & saw the podiatrist after.

She was a lovely new one. We had a chat, I told her all about my sorry feet & ankles & that I walk funny & always have (kind of toes first, I am constantly, daily saying "heel, toe!" in my head to try not to). I'm sure this hasn't helped me over the years.

So it is decided that because I have not had them x-rayed since 08, to get one done & then have some steroids popped in!! Just like that.

I very politely said that no thank you very much, I don't want to.

I explained that even though they are not good, they are also not bad enough to warrant me being exposed to more radiation (I have lost count of the X-rays I have had) & that I don't want steroid jabs either, because I have had so many in the past.

Don't get me wrong I'm not a martyr, I shall go & do both these things when/if the time comes.

So the lovely lady said that was fine. What I am getting though are some innersoles made up, to hopefully help, I'm happy with that.

My point is that RA is long term & sometimes we have to take charge of our bodies. We are prodded, poked, injected, x-rayed & medicated! For which we are often grateful! However I am glad of my decision…for now!

So I await my innersoles, pop the odd diclofenac & walk on :)

12 Replies
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Ps Just for the record I'm not up at 1.23 am with sore feet, it's with heartburn from the diclofenac…nothing a ranitidine wont cure, ha, ha…well you have to laugh, don't you!

YEs you do have to laugh. GOOd on you taking charge of your body. MY insoles have made a big improvment in my feet.

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Am hoping they will help me too :)

ooh dear !have plenty of ranitidine too. I said no to repeat x-rays last year(after year1) for that very reason my feet and ankles v bad.. cant bend any toes!. tis now 2nd year so will say yes!. having bone dexa scan mon. this uses less radiation as the person actially stays in the room not behind a screen, unless may be they are pregnant)( I organised that my self from a mur( medicenes use review) and Gp.. request.. 2nd bact of oral steroids in two years!! both longcourses!!. due to lack drug choices. afforded!!. consultant appoint today couldnt sleep with excitement, no it was heat/ pain.. and the afternoon morhpine nap!!, followed by training til 9.40pm on inflamm bowel .. chronns and u c..

good news there is now RA on nov 24th!( focal point/ workshop.. the trainer said I could be the group expert, I did well last night. too it was great

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Hi Alison,

Good luck today love, keeping all crossed for you!! I really do hope you get offered some biologics.

I've never actually had a bone dexa scan.

Group expert hey, impressed, good for you.

Let us know how you get on xxx

Hi Steph - It's sounds good to be in charge of your medication and care. My session with the OT team today (RA Education) is aimed at us getting to this point, knowing what's available and making informed choices... It makes you realise just how far the treatment of RA has come, despite its shortcomings (sorry Alison)

Hopefully you will get some comfort for your tootsies'

Sorry about the old disgestion probs, nothing worse... now remember "heal, toe heal toe..." ;-)

Have a good day (and a nap to make up for lost sleep)

Take care

Julie xxx

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Thanks Julie, I will be needing my nap soon, as was also up at silly o'clock, not by choice, my old cough (not quite gone yet). Anyway hope you have a good session. xx

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I take lansaprazole if get indigestion but more often than not, just Gaviscon (now in Strawberry flavour!). Have had two Dexa scans in the last 2 years, the second one showed an improvement in my bones although the first one did show normal bones anyway, but GP got into a bit of a panic over the injected steroids, hence the 2nd dexa scan. They also measure your height as well.

I do have injected steroids from time to time when the pain and inflammation don't respond to Nurofen or such like but my Consultant leaves it up to me to decide as I don't want to become dependent on steroids. It caused enough trouble with my weight although now lost 20 lbs. Clock has just struck 1 o.c so must feed puppydog Berry, have some lunch and then off to my art class - the most relaxing 2 1/2 hours in the week! Feet are a problem with RA and I also have plantar fasciitis in both feet as well which doesn't help matters. I did have my hands and feet x rayed at the start of the RA and my hip and shoulder were x-rayed last year but nothing showed up out of the ordinary. I think you are wise to not hae too much done in the way of x rays although I understand from a friend who is a radiographer that the radiation dose is very low and under strict controls. LavendarLady

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Hello LL,

I agree with the steroid/weight prob!

That's good news on your bones.

Aw a puppy sounds lovely, I'd love one…one day:)

Enjoy your art class :)

Thanks for the info on radiation, I shall feel better knowing this for future ones.

Good for you making decisions about your treatment etc. I have also done much the same but only in the fast few years i got so fed up with steroid injections and I've got to a point where they don't really help that much now, so I don't see the point anymore.

In the early years I lost count after 60+ joint injections, but back then it seemed the only answer as drugs were few and far between it's only now that I realise the damage they can do, they wouldn't give patients that many these days.

The new insoles will probably help you more it comes to a point when we have to say no but sometimes we get scared as we think there advice is always the best, most of the time it is but not always.

Hope the indigestion improves soon.

Take care

Mandy xx

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Hey Mandy

Sounds like my steroid history! Been off them for 18 months & I know it's helped with my weight loss. Plus it was the high then low moods, not nice. In the beginning they did douse down my constant flare ups & they enabled me to walk for many years, but enough now.

How long have you RA Mandy?

Steph xx

1.5 stone heavier current steroid batch , plus poorer mobility bah humbug.. still no ant tnf for me sulk sulk..got to try gold for another ten weeks???!!! already done 11 weeks

sob, boo. his. gave up and asked for another steroids script and some caicium tabs !!

currently standing at 9mg

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